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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes twenty three and twenty four recaps

 Air Dates: July 19th to September 21st on SBS. Two episodes aired at 10:00 pm 
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 5.9% and 7.1%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung(18)
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon(34)
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang(30)
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo(30)
Kim Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon(30)
Yoon Sun Woo as Sung Young-Joon(29)
Kwak Dong Yun as Sung Hae-Chul(23)
Kim Ga-Eun as Sung Young-In(26)
Kim Hye-Jun as Sung Soo-Ji(18)
Ahn Kil-Kang as Ahn Tae-Bok(50) disappeared in episode 14
Park Young-Kyu as Cha Kwon-Pyo(55)

 Need to pick the pace up a bit for these recaps as there's still sixteen episodes left and think I'll be able to do that soon. Have been recapping four dramas but going to put "Black" on hold for a while. Those episodes are quite long and confusing, once this series gets dome will go back to it.

 No intense cliffhanger leading into these two shows though episode 24 may have ended off with one. Instead there was good news coming into this show which was that Hae-Sung had bought a food truck to work at, him and Cha are out of jobs now that Cha had to give the SNT restaurant back to his father. Huge change for Cha who has never worked on a truck like this, he's always been employed at or owned an upscale restaurant. It's a small truck so just two will be able to work on it which leaves Jung-Won as the odd person out but she does have a new job as a waitress.
 Hae-Sung had plans for her which was to enter the 'CN Group Character Contest' and the deadline was fast approaching. Back before Hae-Sung had died when he was eighteen Jung-Won was going to attend college to study art as she was a talented artist. After his death Jung-Won gave up on her dream and don't think she's done any drawing for twelve years.
 Jung-Won was all gung-ho about it and though it took many starts and re-starts she finally completed a character and submitted it on the final day. It'll be a while until we hear the results so let's move on to someone we don't talk about too often who is Hae-Sung's estranged brother Young-Joon. He's currently a doctor and his education was paid by the Chungho Foundation which the evil Kwon-Pyo is the head of, it's just supposed to be a secret between the two of them.

 That's Tae-Hoon in the bottom pic, he had been asking Shin about the accident from twelve years ago. Of course the real driver of the car that killed Hae-Sung has been kept secret to Tae-Hoon as it was his father who had been the driver, sure soon enough he'll learn all of the sordid details.
 Besides having his education paid by the Chungho Foundation Young-Joon has told the hospital staff he's an only child and his father is a professor at an American college. The wife of the hospital's CEO has been coming down harder on Young-Joon as she wants to meet his parents, he's been seeing her daughter who is Seo-Won and two have become quite close. Young-Joon keeps making up excuses why he can't set up a meeting with her and his parents, the woman whose name is Kim keeps demanding a meeting and it's time to put up or shut up.
 Of all people to save the day it was Kwon-Pyo who covered for Young-Joon. He told Kim he's met Young-Joon's father many times and thinks very highly of him, all lies of course. With that Kim seems to lose a bit of interest meeting the parents and the matter gets forgotten about. After that meeting Kwon-Pyo has one with Young-Joon, he's offered him a prestigious position at an American hospital and with all of the lies Young-Joon keeps telling everyone it may be safer for him to go.

 May as well get to all of Young-Joon's happenings for these two shows explained now. He's told his finance' Seo-Won about the offer and told her he's accepted the position in America. Seo-Won had once lived there but unsure if she really enjoyed herself, she needs time to think about returning to America. Before her decision which came a few days later Young-Joon had been looking at a patient's record at the hospital, that was of his eighteen year old sister Soo-Ji.
 She needs an organ transplant, without one her life won't last much longer but she still is a healthy girl. Young-Joon had been interrupted and was unable to find out what was ailing her, he's been estranged from his siblings for many years now. Back to Seo-Won and she's told Young-Joon that she doesn't want to live again in America.
 She's currently working for a magazine and is doing quite well. Seo-Won doesn't know why
Young-Joon needs to work at an American hospital, his career looks quite promising in Korea. So instead of the pair living overseas Seo-Won drops a bombshell on Young-Joon which is why don't the two get married quickly? Don't know any of the details yet but Young-Joon agreed to her idea.

 It was a sluggish start for the 'Cha Pasta Truck', after a week their highest total for one day was thirteen customers. The spot they chose wasn't the greatest one as it was under a bridge and wasn't near many offices to draw the lunch time crowd. One day Cha and Hae-Sung decided to try their luck at a different location and were ready to depart from under the bridge. They did sell one last order of steak and pasta which is their best tasting dish. The person that bought it wanted so much more of it but the truck by then had left and he didn't know if he would ever be able to find it again.
 That final customer is very popular on the Internet and told everyone to be on the lookout for Cha's truck. The next day the word had spread and before you knew it the pair had the most popular food truck in Seoul as the line at times were well over twenty five people. Only took a bit over a week for the duo of Cha and Hae-Sung to achieve massive success, not everyone was happy as the new owners of the SNT restaurant that Cha had owned heard about how well he was doing and were furious.
 Not everyone was successful though as Jung-Won's submission to the 'CN Group Character Contest' was a failure as her drawing of a beagle character didn't impress the judges. Jung-Won was really down in the dumps and none of her friends could get her out of that funk. That is until Hae-Sung brought her out one weekend to a place far away from Seoul which was the Eunha Farm and you may remember it as it was an important location in the last recap.

 The farm belongs to an older rich lady named Kang, we didn't learn her name until episode 24. She had helped out Hae-Sung quite a bit after he had passed out stopping Kang's runaway tractor. She too knows someone who has returned from the grave as her husband did but he remained on Earth for just six months and in a flick of a finger vanished back to where he came from.
 Kang has told Jung-Won about her husband coming back to life but along with Hae-Sung has kept his return to the dead a secret, Hae-Sung has no clue how much longer he has to live. The pair do have a fun time at the farm but the weekend is almost up and it's time to return home. One problem though which is that Jung-Won has lost the blue hairpin she was wearing. It was a gift from
Hae-Sung, on the night he was killed he was going to give it Jung-Won.
 That of course didn't happen but Cha's aunt had it in her possession for twelve years. Hae-Sung had gotten it back and finally gave it to Jung-Won in the last recap. It wasn't an expensive item but it was rather endearing to the pair, Hae-Sung was rather upset when she lost it at the farm. The following day Jung-Won was feeling so guilty about it's loss she headed back to the farm which is a few hours outside of Seoul.

 Jung-Won searched all day in every corner of the farm but was unable to locate the lost hairpin. It being a drama she naturally ended up finding it and it was in a field at night when it was pitch dark out. And out of nowhere a few moments later popped up Hae-Sung, he heard about her going back to the farm and rushed down to find her. Hae-Sung did joke that they were trapped for the night and would have to sleep in a bed together which left Jung-Won aghast.
 The pair of course has never slept together and though there's sixteen shows left bet it's never going to happen, as mentioned Hae-Sung did say it jokingly. That brings us to the final few seconds of the show and something was brought up that hadn't been in these two episodes. That's of the murder case from twelve years ago which has gone unsolved.
 Shin with the help of Hae-Sung's brother had placed banners around Chungho looking for information from Hae-Sung's accident or for the murder of Jang who was also a high school senior like Hae-Sung. Forgot all about those banners but they're still up as in the last ten or so seconds Shin has received a call, the caller says he has info about the murder. What happens next is unknown as that new development will probably start off the next episode.

Sixteen episodes is still quite a few to view but hopefully can have them polished within a month. Have said on a few occasions that it's not the most exciting of shows and the pace can be a bit slow. But the drama has never dragged, you usually know when one does when you keep looking at how much time is left in the episode you're viewing. Guess that means so far, so good and have been enjoying this series and the next recap or recaps will hopefully be this weekend.

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