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Monday, October 16, 2017

Marie Iitoyo: Two October events....

 May sound a bit odd but think the reason there aren't more posts for various Marie activities is because she's too busy! Can't recall ever saying anything like that before but in Marie's case think it's true but there's really nothing wrong with being ultra busy.
 For 2017 she's appeared in two films, one TV movie and seven dramas, being in so many things doesn't give you that much time to appear in many mags or at other events. So far five of those dramas have been completed, one is still on going and the seventh will be starting next month. The real shame is that of the six finished or airing only one has been subbed and her next one will also fall into the unsubbed category, not good news if you're a fan of Marie.

 On to two press conferences for a pair of upcoming projects which has been her only news this month, Marie's blog/Twitter entries have been almost nonexistent. Marie will be in the TV movie "Blue Birds Nante" which will be airing October 22nd on Fuji-TV. It's the fourth in a series of 'Drama Koshien' movies, that's a country wide talent search for new directors or writers who are still in high school. The person who won this year's contest which was the fourth time it's been awarded was Yuriko Kuribayashi who is the short female in the bottom pics, this event took place on October 5th.

 Marie plays a high school student in the above TV movie but she'll be playing a detective for the first time in the upcoming drama "Stone Tsububu- Men in the Investigation". The series will be starting November 5th on WOWOW and it's the second season for the show.
 On October 16th Marie was appointed as 'Chief for the day' at the Marunochi police station in Tokyo. She also did a little bit of promoting for the new drama plus it was also the start of a new campaign to battle violence against women. After these fine pics of the best looking chief in Tokyo check out an arresting video of the event.

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