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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #60....

 Will be working on a post for the above two who were at yesterday's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show in Kitayushu. Not as big of an event like most of those shows are but should be enough pics to satisfy all, yesterday had a post for Miona and Misa at the event. Nogi's first group film "Asahinagu" will probably drop out of the top ten this weekend but it did very well in it's first three weeks out. Idol movies generally aren't that popular but it finished in the second, sixth and ninth positions since it's release on September 22nd.

 Four mag spreads for today and they do total up to be quite a few pics. Haven't been as many mag spread posts compared to last year, at this pace will have about 72-73 of these posts while I think last year the total was in the eighties plus those posts also featured more mags.
 Hina is a first generation member, she joined young as she won't be turning twenty until January 31st. Seems like too many Undergirls she's stuck in that position but that may not be too bad of a thing as they do have their first album coming out in January, think it was delayed by four months. Small spread here but can't use the word small for Hina who really looks grown up in this superb set from Young Magazine #46.

 Yumi has also been with Nogi since their inception, she's a Senbatsu member who kind of flies under the radar. However on November 7th she'll be releasing her first photobook and a bit surprised at that. Not that she's an unattractive gal but the can't say she's someone who gets the blood boiling for many men, perhaps she's very popular with the group's female fans. Sure we'll be seeing her in more upcoming spreads to promote the PB and this set is from the November issue of Bomb.

 Bet most Nogi fans would love to see another PB from Mai, her 'Passport" book is still in the top ten and is approaching 230,000 copies sold. The Hanako mag has had a spread every other week for a member, this time it's Mai's turn as she graces the cover for their November 9th edition.

 Also gracing a mag cover is Nanase and she does often for Non-no, this set to end the post off is from their December issue.

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  1. There's a hidden meaning behind the name Asahinagu. Asahi(Beer) Nagu(Hit someone/something). So 'Hit Beer' which means...hit some beers up with da boys ay