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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes five and six recap

 Air Dates: July 19th to present on SBS, supposed to end on September 7th. Two episodes air at 10:00 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 6.3% and 7.5%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo
Kim Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon

 Bit of a slowdown as far as the pace went in these two episodes but it's still been an interesting watch. With 32 episodes not every show can be intense but things seem to be shaping up nicely for future episodes.

Will jump right into the story, if you're coming in cold may be better to read a previous recap or two so you're not lost at sea. Hae-Sung died in a bike accident back in 2005, for some unexplained reason in 2017 he came back to life exactly twelve years after his death. He's hooked up with his best friends, one being Shin who is now a police officer and the other is Jung-Won. The pair weren't officially dating at the time of his death but the two had such intense feelings for each other.
 Naturally Jung-Won was shocked upon meeting Hae-Sung after twelve years, more of a shock as he somehow rose from the dead. At first the two had some difficulties but seem to be getting along better, she's thirty now while he's still just 18. Hae-Sung may still only be eighteen but when he arose from the dead seems as though he has the mind of a thirty year old. With no place to go Hae-Sung moves in with Jung-Won but unsure if it's going to be permanent, don't think the plans are for that.

 There was just one flashback scene in the two episodes but it was quite long at about ten minutes. We know very little about Jung-Won's past except that she's failed at everything she's done in life or at least she feels she has. Back to 2005 and we learn that Jung-Won's mother had skipped out on her family some years prior, why that happened remains a mystery. Jung-Won talks Hae-Sung into ditching school for the day and the pair head from Chungho to Seoul.
 There Jung-Won does find her mother though the reunion isn't a pleasant experience. Her mother is remarried with two young children, Jung-Won confronts her mother at her apartment but is rebuffed in her attempt to talk with her. Her mother's husband then enters the scene and reluctantly she leaves with Hae-Sung but not before he creates a disturbance. He picks up a rock and smashes the windshield of the family's car.
 They were spotted by a policeman but were able to elude him, in the process though Jung-Won sprained her ankle. While Hae-Sung was mending it for her Jung-Won said she wanted a beer so badly even though they were underage. Hae-Sung managed to get a can of beer which she savored, to the present day she kept the tab from the can as a memento and had at first worn it as a ring.

 Now just like that we're back to 2017 and it's time for Hae-Sung to find and help his family. He had already met his youngest brother Han-Chul who thought there's no way Hae-Sung could have come back to life. Life hasn't gone well for Han-Chul since his older brother's death, he's 23 now and is working for a pair of loan sharks who are putting the pressure on Jung-Won to pay up.
 Since his return from the grave Hae-Sung has some incredible strength, he beat the pair of sharks up badly and they agreed to no longer employ Hae-Chul and to leave him alone. Good in a way but now Hae-Chul no longer has a job and no future as he never went to college. Don't know what will happen with him but Hae-Sung tells him not to worry, his big brother will take care of everything.
 We never did meet Hae-Sung's sister but sure we will in one of the episodes after the sixth one. For Hae-Sung it's time to meet his other brother Young-Joon who is one year younger and is now a doctor at a very prestigious hospital. Before Hae-Sung met him we did as he made a stop at Jung-Won's restaurant 'SNT'.

 Think the redheaded woman above is Han So-Hee who we first saw in the fifth episode. Did some checking and there isn't much about her but seems as though she was just involved in a big scandal a few months ago, made for some funny reading.
 She plays Seo-Won who is engaged to Young-Joon, her father is the director of the hospital he works at. He seems like a creepy guy and there's little doubt why he's engaged to Seo-Won.
Young-Joon also met briefly with Jung-Won and had some harsh words for her, he doesn't seem to like her at all. More on this in later recaps but it does seem that Jung-Won helped him in the past, when his brother died she said Young-Joon was at home when he wasn't.
 Not sure if he was involved in the accident which took Hae-Sung's life but we have a long way to go in the series so anything is possible. He returns to the hospital with Seo-Won and the two are having a coffee break with her mother. Shortly after that Hae-Sung was able to burst into the room, Young-Joon knew who he was though it was hard to believe it was his dead brother.

 Young-Joon tried to have him removed form the hospital but Hae-Sung went into a fury and ended up pummeling a few of the security guards, even one that pulled a gun on him. Out of nowhere appeared a man we saw briefly once, he was able to subdue Hae-Sung rather easily and dragged him out of the hospital, the mysterious and unnamed man is in the bottom screenshot above.
 He knows about Hae-Sung returning from the dead and also the powers he now possesses. Think we'll be seeing this mysterious man many times during the series and he could also be someone who returned from the dead. Hae-Sung quickly recovers and meets Jung-Won as she's getting off work. At the restaurant the head chef's name is Cha, he's fallen for her badly though we can't see why.
 She tells Cha that Hae-Sung is her cousin and the pair go out for some drinks. It's hard for Hae-Sung to do that as though he could be thirty he's still just eighteen, he can't buy alcohol at a store. However Jung-Won can and she gets them a bottle each of beer and soju. Jung-Won returned to the store for some snacks, when she came back Hae-Sung had drank the bottles and was already drunk.

 Have to realize that Hae-Sung had probably never had a drink before, of course he would be drunk that quickly. She didn't drink but Jung-Won appears to be someone who enjoys the spirits too much, she told Cha that she was once in a rehab but unsure if that was true. The pair return to Jung-Won's apartment, she manages to call the police officer Shin up who brought three older friends with him.
 That trio sat in amazement for a long time, Hae-Sung has risen from his grave? Bit surprised there hasn't been more talk about this yet, someone coming back to life isn't an everyday happening. One of the friends there was named Tae-Hoon who these days is a business man. It came out later that the car that hit Hae-Sung sending him to his death was owned by Tae-Hoon's father. He wasn't driving it but the guy that was had to serve a jail sentence. That was a very brief scene and have a feeling that the driver may have been a fall guy.

 The six had a party at Jung-Won's place though we didn't see any of it. The following day Hae-Sung and Shin head out to the accident scene to try to reconstruct what happened. Hae-Sung had been pedaling for help as he had discovered a fellow student Jang in the school's art room. He had been badly beaten, shortly after he died from his injuries and Hae-Sung was the prime suspect.
 He was never charged with murder but he was the last person to see Jang alive. This will be another mystery that will soon become a big part of the plot. Getting close to the end of this recap and the scene shifts back to the restaurant that Jung-Won works at. While bringing out the trash seemingly out of nowhere her mother appeared.
 She had come to give Jung-Won some money as she learned of her financial difficulties but was flatly turned down. Jung-Won told her mother she was doing fantastic, she told her some whopping lies such that she was going to get married to Cha and soon the restaurant would belong to her. Cha overheard the conversation and played along with Jung-Won as her other slunk away. After work
Jung-Won broke down and was telling him about her hatred for her mother. As she started to cry she was embraced by Cha, right at that moment around the corner appeared Hae-Chul which brought us to the end of the two episodes.

 Mentioned at the top that the action really slowed down but that didn't seem to affect the show at all as these may have been the best two episodes. There's still 26 shows to go so there's going to be plenty of interesting developments occurring such as why and how did Hae-Chul return to life, who is this mysterious man who knows about him and what about Jang's murder?
 Those are just a few of the subplots, not much action but there's enough interesting things going on to keep you intrigued. So far I'm really enjoying this series and will be back next week with another recap with two episodes. Four of them air a week so keep falling behind on them but that's okay as this is one Korean drama I really want to recap entirely for a change.

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