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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes twenty one and twenty two recaps

 Air Dates: July 19th to September 21st on SBS. Two episodes air at 10:00 pm 
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 5.6% and 6.7%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung(18)
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon(34)
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang(30)
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo(30)
Kim Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon(30)
Yoon Sun Woo as Sung Young-Joon(29)
Kwak Dong Yun as Sung Hae-Chul(23)
Kim Ga-Eun as Sung Young-In(26)
Kim Hye-Jun as Sung Soo-Ji(18)
Ahn Kil-Kang as Ahn Tae-Bok(50) disappeared in episode 14
Park Young-Kyu as Cha Kwon-Pyo(55)

  Will do the second half of the series just like the first half, there will be ten recaps like this one and then will put them all in order to make it easier to follow. Seems like I've been viewing this drama for so long yet there's still eighteen episodes to go. Think the "While You Were Sleeping" show has been much better but there's something about this series which as made in an enjoyable watch.

 For about the fourth time an episode ended with a confrontation between Hae-Sung and Kwon-Pyo. He's the man who had driven the car that ran over Hae-Sung back in 2005 but he had his chauffeur take the rap for it. He's finally confessed to driving the car but only to Hae-Sung who has more of a pressing question. Was Kwon-Pyo involved in the murder of his classmate Jang and if he didn't do the actual killing then who did?
 The answer to that is above as Hae-Sung's younger brother, according to Kwon-Pyo, had done the dirty deed. The brother's name is Young-Joon, back in 2005 he had despised Jang for beating him up though Hae-Sung got revenge for his brother. On the night of Hae-Sung's death Young-Joon hadn't been at home and that fact was covered up by Jung-Won.
 During their heated conversation Kwon-Pyo revealed to Hae-Sung that his Chungho foundation had paid for Young-Joon to attend medical school, he's been ordered to keep that fact a secret. Don't know if we can believe him but Kwon-Pyo said he felt sorry for running over Hae-Sung which was one reason for him paying for his brother's education. Still have no clue why Kwon-Pyo and many others aren't wondering how Hae-Sung has come back to life.

 Hae-Sung then rushed to the hospital where Young-Joon is working, his brother denied everything that Kwon-Pyo had said as he knew enough to keep the secret. Meanwhile Shin had brought the wife of Hwang who was the Kwon-Pyo's chauffeur to his his office, the trio together were supposed to be able to break down Kwon-Pyo to confess to the authorities or at least that's what the plan was.
 Never came close to working out as Kwon-Pyo noticed Mrs. Hwang when he was leaving his office, they then had a secret short meeting. Hwang had been paid to keep his mouth shut about the accident and he did up until his death. The pair had raised Kwon-Pyo's illegitimate son Cha who now owns a restaurant. Kwon-Pyo revealed to her that he's the secret backer of the restaurant, if he pulls his money out then it'll have to close.
 Kwon-Pyo won't do a thing though if Mrs. Hwang returns to Australia and keeps quiet about everything she knows. She unfortunately has no alternative and heads back there but by doing so Kwon-Pyo's secrets about that night in 2005 will remain under wraps. Shin finally catches up with Hae-Sung and tells him he lost the wife but that's no concern of Hae-Sung's. He feels as it's a lost cause trying to solve the case from twelve years ago and tells Shin it's time to drop the matter.

 That was a dream of Hae-Sung's, he had dreamt about how different his and his siblings lives would have been if he didn't die. Hae-Sung has been avoiding Hong-Joo who we didn't see until about the twelve minute mark of episode 21. Actually Hae-Sung wants to avoid the world and takes a bus to the remote country with no destination in mind. He falls asleep and ends up at the final stop which is just farmland.
 Hae-Sung ends up just wandering around and it seems the change of scenery has improved his depressing mood. Strolling up an incline he gets passed by a tractor on the other side, the woman driver is in a panic as it's brakes have failed. Hae-Sung runs after the tractor and somehow catches up to it. He doesn't use his super powers too often but Hae-Sung did then as he was able to stop the tractor with his bare hands before it ran over a baby carriage.
 There was no baby inside the carriage but that wasn't the point as the driver of the tractor noticed
Hae-Sung's immense strength. Right after that incident he passed out though, using your powers wears you out rather quickly and he was whisked away to a nearby hospital. Hae-Sung's injuries weren't too severe but the older lady noticed that Hae-Sung's cuts were disappearing right before her eyes, she then grabbed his bed and with the helpof  her daughter pushed Hae-Sung to her farm.

 The older woman's name was never mentioned but I'll call her Eunha as that was the name of her farm. Hae-Sung remained unconscious for two days but when he awoke he was completely healed. Eunha then confessed to Hae-Sung why she brought him back to her farm as she knew he was a person who had returned from the dead. She knew it because of his strength and by the way his cuts disappeared so rapidly.
 Eunha had seen those things once before as her husband had also returned from his grave after being dead for three years. Makes you wonder now if the people you see walking down the street are really alive or have risen from the dead! Hae-Sung started to press her about how long he has to live this time around, she kept saying she'll tell him after he does some chores.He keeps doing all of the chores and before long the farm is looking good, she finally agrees to talk with him about her husband and how long he may have to live.
 Eunha's husband died when he was fifty, three years later he came mysteriously back to life. But he didn't remain in his wife's life for too long as about six months after his return they went shopping for a suit. He went into the dressing room and disappeared right after entering but that event didn't shake up Eunha too much, she was happy for the extra six months they had together. Eunha tells Hae-Sung no returnee from the grave has any idea how long they'll stay on Earth, if you remember Tae-Bok his existence lasted for close to a year. Eunha's piece of advice was to live every day as it would be your last one, she then offered to give Hae-Sung a lift into town.

 Eunha wasn't what she appeared to be as she wasn't a true farmer but instead was a very wealthy woman ho lived in a ritzy hotel. Hae-Sung hadn't notified anyone of where he was though Eunha's daughter did drive to Seoul to tell Jung-Won that Hae-Sung was alive and well. That actually infuriated Jung-Won as he had left with no word of his destination.
 In Seoul things are looking rather dire for Cha who owns and is the head chef of the SNT restaurant. His secret father Kwon-Pyo has pulled his investment out of the restaurant and now Cha has to leave. It's been a successful business so don't know why Cha hadn't tried to buy it or at least trying to pay his investors back. Cha had thought that a man named Park was the real investor, he wasn't and revealed to Cha that Kwon-Pyo was the main investor and had used Park as a his decoy.
 Cha stormed into his father's office and demanded to know what was happening. Kwon-Pyo just laughed in his face and said if he wanted the restaurant back to grovel which Cha wasn't about to do. He was out of a job but all of the other employees were allowed to stay on with a bump in salary. Jung-Won was the one employee who didn't want to stay as she couldn't stand the sight of her new boss, her and Cha then went out to drown their sorrows with too many drinks to count.

 Didn't seem as though not that much happened in these two episodes though this recap is certainly getting long. It was never mentioned but Hae-Sung has also quit the restaurant so that leaves the trio unemployed but least Cha seems to have enough money to get by for a while, still can't figure out why he didn't try to buy the restaurant.
 Jung-Won didn't stay unemployed for too long as she gets a job at a food mart giving samples of food to customers and after just a few days can't stand it. Hae-Sung makes a surprise visit as she's working, she's still furious at him for leaving with no word about where he went. But she can't stay mad at Hae-Sung for too long as he's such a happier person now, he's taken the advice of Eunha and has decided to live every day as though it may be his last.
 In his absence Jung-Won's best friend had set up a blind date for the pair. They went out on that date but proved to be more lushes than anything else, especially Jung-Won. The two men pretended to go to the lavatory but instead fled the restaurant, the two gals didn't realize it until two hours had passed. Shin and Hae-Sung got wind of the blind date and went to the restaurant to confront the men though as mentioned they were no longer there.

 Finally coming close to the end of the recap. As Hae-Sung was escorting Jung-Won home he suddenly stopped and for what I think was the first time kissed Jung-Won. She was a bit stunned but didn't seem to be that shaken up about it, Hae-Sung probably thought he may never get many more chances to do an action like that. That mini kiss happened right neat the end of the 22nd episode but there's one more event which took place and it could be a big one for the future.
 The next day Hae-Sung gathered up Jung-Won and Cha saying he had a big surprise for them. He brought them beneath a bridge where there was nothing but water, what kind of present is this the pair thought. But a moment later a small truck pulled up, the driver got out and started opening up some compartments and before you knew it it transformed into a food truck. Hae-Sung told them this would be the trio's new future and had even named it 'Cha's Restaurant'.

 Seems like a step down for them after working at or owning an elegant restaurant but starting with the next episode looks like the food truck will be their future for the time being. That recap will be coming up soon but before then will be starting on two new dramas so there will be a post shortly for "Black" or "The Package", then again may do a post(s) for both.

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