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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBingo!' season nine episode one recap

 Have viewed very few variety shows recently as most have become too unbearable to watch. Think of all of them 'NOGIBingo!' has been the worst but a new season began on October 16th and thought I'd give it a try. Season eight, like too many Nogi activities, was taken over by the third generation members so passed on it after two episodes. But this season looks a bit more promising then some of the previous ones as we're supposed to see a side of the members that we've never seen before.

 This first show was a bit better than some of the ones from the past few seasons, can't compare with the first four or five seasons but it does have the potential to be an okay watch. The theme to this episode was 'First time going to a Kabukicho Show Pub', that's a red light district in Shinjuku and hope the members haven't frequented places like this. All of them did mention they had never visited that area but I kind of wonder.....
 There were three groups of members which totaled ten, first up to visit a club which was in the studio were Manatsu, Reika and Yumi, the club they visited consisted of.... drag queens!!!! Two of the trio that were dressed that way you knew were men but the one in black could have fooled many of us as she did look somewhat like a female.
 At clubs like this one all of the guests acquire nicknames to protect their real identities. The hostesses were in charge of giving them their names with the results being that Reika has now become Sakue, Yumi is called Wakachiko and Manatsu is nicknamed Burie.

 There were some activities lined up for the members to make them feel more comfortable in these kinds of clubs, were the producers preparing them to start becoming regular customers at them? Here's the list of the five and the first has already been done for this trio.

 Those were the three 'trainees' and as mentioned the male/female on the right could kind of pass for a woman. None of our Nogi members in this segment nor the following ones are that adept at having a fun time out at a club or it appears picking up men. The gals tried a few lines to make a guy fall for them, it would work if the males were in the fifth grade....
 Yumi who has her first photobook coming out in two weeks isn't what I would call a sexy woman at all. But have noticed in these shows she does have a sultry voice and of the three she would have the best chance at picking up a guy but besides the voice Yumi needs some better lines.

 The above quartet was up next with Kazumi being given the nickname of Takako while Kana can now be called Yama which was kind of a play on her name which is spelled the same forwards or backwards. The other two members are the shyest ones in Nogi and for some reason I've always really liked the pair. Kotoko will now go by the name of Sasae while Ayane can be called Suzune.
 Ayane has always been the quietest of members but seems like she had been coming out of her shell as she hosts a radio show and has appeared solo at two promo events. She was back to her old self though and it was hard to pry words out of her but it's understandable considering the situation. She did note one reason in becoming an Idol was to improve her people skills, looks like a bit more work needs to be done with that though.

 Kotoko is a similar person who has problems being with people, she's really into anime and games. What was so surprising was that she and Ayane never hang out together as it seems they would become such good friends, they said on the show they had never thought of doing things together.   The other two certainly have no problems whatsoever around others and first off in that pair is Kana. She was kind of ribbed by the trio of Queens as they kept referring to her chest which is kind of big and could be the largest of any Nogi member. She took it in stride though and it makes me wonder why she flips back and forth endlessly between being a Senbatsu and an Undergirl?

 As you can see above it was suggested that Ayane and Kotoko work at being friends, still can't believe they never hung out together. The final member in the quartet was Kazumi, she's easily the most outgoing gal in Nogi and it's hard to think of any member save one you'd rather be with.
 She wasn't asked many questions but instead led the four doing a karaoke tune where she really shined and let it all out. The song was "Desire" and don't know who did the original version, it wasn't the song by DAI which would have fit in better and after the song their time was up.

 Last of the members to visit the Kabukicho pub was the trio of Mai who you can now call Babae. Also with her was Rina who was given the name Koma, she just never shuts her mouth and is by far the most irritating member in the group and think her shutting her useless trap for two seconds would be a record for her. The third member is Miria who is such a likable member and really deserves to be promoted to the ranks of Senbatsu, she now has the nickname of Hinabe.
 Mai really looks so stunning these days and it's so terrific to see she's finally going to have a photobook. Had known that she once worked as an OL but thought she had stopped that, on the show it appears she's still doing that job and she's really such an intelligent woman. Miria was much more quiet than you would think, not that she's a non-stop talker but she seemed a bit subdued but did give us some interesting info on what it's like to sing in front of a huge crowd at a concert.

 That's not quite the end of the show as a surprise appearance was made by.... Ami! She came to sing a tune with the drag queens and she's the only member who could have done something like that. The tune they performed was "Oide Shampoo" and they were also joined by the trio still in the room. Ami is Nogi's funniest member and is also extremely quick witted, didn't get around to doing a post for her birthday but she turned 23 exactly one week ago.

 That last Karaoke song brought us to the end of the show and like these episodes as they're only a little over twenty minutes long. This first show for the season was better than expected and if the rest of them are as interesting then it'll be a nice comeback season. The second episode aired two nights ago so hopefully will have that recap within the next few days.

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