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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mariya Nagao: Some October happenings....

 Don't know the numbers but bet for every Idol who graduates from their group and finds success there has to be fifty or so whose careers flop miserably. The market these last few years is so oversaturated with Idols who honestly have little chance for an entertainment career. Seems even some popular Idols like Sayumi and Miyuki have gone unnoticed since leaving their group, even Mariko to me has had a disappointing career after her graduation. Those three were all very popular and the list and there's many more them with the list growing bigger daily.

 I'll finish those thoughts in a future post or two, don't know why so many leave the security of their groups just to end up in the unemployment line. Mariya isn't one of those as her solo career seems to have really picked up this year as she's appeared in two dramas along with a film. Also two mags have signed her up to be an exclusive model and she'a appeared at a few promo events so you would have to say 2017 has been a good year for her.
 Just a few October happenings for Mariya but there are thirty brand new pics. Don't know what others think of Mariya's looks but she'd be in my top ten all time for AKB members, that may be a good idea for a post but also a very difficult one. One mag spread for today and there may be a few more upcoming ones, set here is from the November 7th edition of Flash and it's promoting Mariya's new photobook.

 Yes, Mariya's second photobbok came out four days ago and the pics I've seen from it may make it the number one book of the year. Mariya's first PB was released in March 2016 which was one week after her graduation from AKB. These are some promo pics from the new book, better get the cold water in the shower started....

 Title of Mariya's second PB is "Mabui Mariya" and think it's going to be a solid seller. There was an event today at the Fukuya bookstore in Shinjuku, was at the store's site and they said there was an incredible amount of requests for tickets. Usually these signing sessions will draw four hundred or so fans, many more if you're popular.
 This event drew over 1,200 fans, it was 2,700 yen to buy a book and meet Mariya. In dollars that is $23.70 which actually seems quite reasonable, most things in Japan are way too expensive but photobooks and magazines seem cheaper than in America. Plenty of fine looking pics from the event, Mariya said her clothes were special from the photo shoot but to me they could come straight from 'Majisuka Gakuen'.
  Mariya's character's name in season two was Mariyagi, in season three it got shortened to Yagi. Have to guiltily admit I've enjoyed those dramas, season three was so-so but the others were all quite good, shame there's been no news about a seventh season.


  1. Cold shower?? More like ticket to Antarctica! AHAHA!...
    I would say Mariya's looks are indeed(HOT!!!) top notch, don't see anything wrong with it. Majisuka Gakuen was a fun series. Haven't watched season 6 tho, just little snippets here and there. Hostesses wasn't my thing despite my groove for the ladies. Do have a thought on those leaving the security of the groups but guess that's a story for another day.

  2. Went into season six a bit leery as I didn't think a hostess setting may work. Was wrong as that was an enjoyable watch and would recommend it, the skimpy dresses they wore were much better than the school uniforms.
    Making a top ten AKB list would be so hard, not for my fave members but for the hottest ones. There's been so many of them over the years and plus there's so many members that have been forgotten about.

  3. Hmmm still hesitant to watch it but I'll give it a shot. Now that's quite a hurdle to make for the hottest ones. Wise too keep it AKB only coz good luck if ya tried to make a 48 list. I have forgotten a crap load of names, only remember faces

  4. Granted it wasn't the greatest thing I've ever viewed but most Idol dramas and films seem to be decent watches, hard to beat episodes that are less than 25 minutes.
    That AKB list would be so tough because of the transfers. So many such as Miyuki, Aki, Mina and more started off in AKB but ended up as a NMB or SKE member, would they be included then on a list?

  5. Yeah I would say so...but then that just guarantees that you're gonna have tough time