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Monday, October 9, 2017

Bae Suzy: Happy 23rd birthday #1....

 Above is the PV for Miss A's 2012 single "I don't need a man". Tune reached #3 on the Gaon charts which is the Korean equivalent of Billboard or Oricon. To me it's just a so-so song, it's not bad but most K-Pop tunes are not as fun or upbeat as J-Pop but perhaps the groups I've investigated have been the wrong ones. Actually just took a time out right now and was viewing a few of their videos, "Breathe" from 2010 sounds better than this tune but there aren't all that many videos on YT.

 But this isn't a K-Pop post but one for Suzy's 23rd birthday and will have another one tomorrow. It's still October 9th in America but it's the 10th in her part of the world so does that mean if you were on a plane travelling west a day could last 47 hours or should I get fitted for a straight jacket for even coming up with that thought?
 I'm more interested in Suzy's acting career and her current drama "While You Were Sleeping" is the first thing I've seen her in. And so far she gets an A+ from me as the show has been so superb through eight episodes, her character of Hong-Joo is so daffy yet also so serious. Hong-Joo is 28 in the show but Suzy was just 22 when it was filmed but she looks much older than that in the series.

 Lot of fans seem to like Suzy more with longer hair but after comparing her with short and long hair think I prefer her shorter tresses like she has in the drama but either way she looks mighty attractive. Will be back this weekend with the recaps of episodes nine through twelve.
 On to a few Suzy activities for 2017 and she's really been one busy gal, think I could do at least five posts for all of her 2017 happenings and perhaps that will happen. Have noticed that most K-Poppers are much taller than the ones from Japan, Suzy is 167 cm tall while it seems so many J-Idols are less than 160 cm and some are around 150 cm.

 Not sure what the current status for her group Miss A is as their contract with their agency expired in May plus they're now down to three members. Sure Suzy isn't too worried about the group's state of limbo, she's become such a popular actress and may not need to continue with a singing career. On to some of those 2017 activities and have a variety of things. To start off we have a pair of mag spreads with this first one which is way too small being from the April issue of InStyle.

 This set gets a very high grade for me which is from the October edition of Cosmopolitan.

 Like so many popular Korean actresses Suzy promotes a slew products and most seem to be for clothing lines. Most of the collections look quite snazzy such as this set for the Carin Summer collection and if you didn't know they're a sunglasses company.

 Superb pics here are from the Guess Spring/Summer collection.

 Even more pics from the Guess here but these are from a fan signing event that was held on May 12th at Triple Street in Song-Do. Suzy also has more Guess pics for their Autumn collection which have recently come out and may have some of them for her next post. Have plenty of fine looking pics here from the event and following them is a short but scintillating video of Suzy for the Guess S/S collection.


  1. That's a hard choice for whether short or long is better, for a second I'm with ya then the next I'm not but then I'm back haha. Tbh i like the stuff they show on Korean mags more(KINDA-now that's a big 'kinda') it just looks better.
    K-pop is all about dem body rolls now haha nah but you're right on 'upbeat'. I don't really know any upbeat K-pop songs by the females but
    screw it, i'll add another one
    This is all I could really think of. I would call it upbeat but then there's this Japanese one
    Quite a difference. I like both anyway haha. Y'know what, i don't even know if this is even a good comparison and I know this aint a K-pop post but if i clear it then 2mins of my efforts put in to searching for it will be all for naught so i'm just going to leave it. WARNING: your groove won't stop

  2. KARA tune was fair but the one from Red Velvet was a good song, am now investigating the group intensely. One good plus for K-Pop groups are their size as most have only 3-5 members, really am tired of AKB, Nogi and others with twenty or more gals sing a tune.
    There is an excellent upbeat song which is one I truly love but have only heard one minute of it. Was going to ask who sang it but may have found the answer finally. The song is the opening one for the "Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang" drama which is in my top five Korean series of all time. Think it's sung by Jiny(?).... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDREz0ABO4k

  3. Never heard of Jiny in me life but ohhhh this is shweet m8, this is some ol' stuff. It has been on loop for a while now, shame it only goes for 2mins. Ahhh knew you'd like that Red Velvet one(coz I bloody rocked that one) but that's the only song I really got hooked on from them, couldn't find one like Russian Roulette. Ahhhaha yeah I feel the same way with the size of the groups....which is why I want that damn solo or duet with the best singers in the 46 groups(and there's quite a bit in Nogi) IMO their talent is being wasted on group songs. Damn, I could write a essay bout this but let's not ay haha. Nogi had a 'Best Hit Medley' type segment back in their Nogidoko days. It was on Dailymotion last time I saw it(last year) but they covered songs from 1985, 1986, 2000 and 2003 which is pretty good(idk if there's more). There were a few duets and trios in it and those were best ones. Also that's when Reika became my Nogi fave

  4. There was a NogiBingo episode when about seven members took a turn singing a solo tune, Nanami failed bad twice. In concert when they have those special songs with five or less members they're always good and usually are the highlights of the show.
    '46' and '48' groups are really the only ones with so many members appearing on a song. Hello Project groups are so much smaller which is one reason I like them better. But there are a whole bunch of other J-Pop groups that also don't have too many members and they're ones I really enjoy like PASSPO☆, Negicco, Team Syachihoko and more. Perhaps I need to do a few posts for them but do have one already for Negicco.

  5. Ah yeah, think I know which Nogibingo ep you're talking about. Which reminds me, the Nogibingo 9 is coming soon(idk when). Wouldn't say I'm overly eager to see it but hey, I like Nogi. Seen PASSPO☆ and Team Sya's name couple times, don't know anything about them though. There are a few groups I know out there but only to extent of a couple of songs. photograph, MilkShake, X21 just to name a few. Negicco is cool, heard a few of their songs but only really got into 'Futari No Yuugi' & 'Triple Wonderland', I was too lazy to search for more. Just had a look at your Negicco post, 'Hikari No Spur' is really nice, 135 views now(just kidding). Found it funny when they said "Winter is coming" because they're spot on about that(not for me though 😢), kinda felt like this was planned...hmmmm