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Saturday, October 7, 2017

"While You Were Sleeping" drama: episodes seven and eight recap

 Air Dates: September 27th to November 16th on SBS, airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10:00 pm, two episodes per night
 Ratings(Nielsen) for the two episodes- 7.9% and 8.9%

Main Cast:

Bae Suzy as Nam Hong-Joo
Lee Jong-Suk as Jung Jae-Chan
Lee Sang-Yeob as Lee Yoo-Bum
Ko Sung-Hee as Shin Hee-Min
Jung Hae-In as Han Woo-Tak
Shin Jae-Ha as Jung Seung-Won
Hwang Young-Hee as Yoon Moon-Sun
Park Jin-Joo as Moon Hyang-Mi
Kim So-Hyun as Park So-Yoon

 The ratings for episodes five and six were much lower than the previous shows, think it may have been going against some mega special show. But these two episodes were the highest rated ones to date and it hit #1 in it's time slot, the second episode always gets a much higher rating.

 No need to rehash the events of the previous two episodes as you can read about them in the above post. The sleazy lawyer Yoo-Bum has arrived at Hong-Joo's mother's restaurant just as Woo-Tak had seen in his dream. He's threatening So-Yoon and her mother to force the prosecutor Jae-Chan to abort the DV case against the husband and tells them of all the horrible consequences that could happen to them if they don't.
 Unknown to them Jae-Chan was sitting at a nearby table with Woo-Tak, finally he had enough of
Yoo-Bum's threatening words and confronted him. There was no way in the world Jae-Chan was going to drop this case against Park Jun-Mo like others had in the past, his violence towards his wife has been going on for years. Yoo-Bum sweeps aside Jae-Chan's words, he's fixed the evidence so there's no chance his client will be prosecuted.
 Woo-Tak had saved the day though he's kept what he did to himself. He had a dream where he had been at the restaurant with his partner from the police force but to change the events he instead went with Jae-Chan as sort of a payback for saving his life in a potential car accident. Woo-Tak had dreamt that So-Joon had gone a bit out of control, she had picked a knife up and was ready to stab her hand. Hong-Joo had attempted to stop her but in the process she herself had been stabbed in the hand. None of that happened as changing one thing about his dream made other events be altered too.

 Hong-Joo, Jae-Chan and Woo-Tak eventually end up together at a local deli, there they try to figure out why they all have the ability to dream about the future. All were born in 1988 but besides that there doesn't seem to be any other connection. There is a fourth person who has dreams about the future. We don't know her name but she's about a twelve year old girl we saw in the third and fourth episodes, haven't seen her since but have that feeling we will again.
 Jae-Chan is now hyped up more than ever about the case and heads to his office even though it's late at night, he ends up working on it through the morning. He wants to check over a crime scene at a hotel, Yoo-Bum had forged some documents to make it appear Park's wife was at a hotel to go skiing when the whole thing was a fabrication.
 What was a tad humorous was while at the hotel the winning lottery tickets were shown on a TV though Jae-Chan wasn't paying attention. Hong-Joo had pulled a prank on him in episode six by giving him the winning numbers but later said she was just pulling his leg. Now we're not sure what part she was joking about as she was right about the lottery numbers, had Jae-Chan gone through with purchasing a ticket he could have been $2.8 million richer.

 Good news for So-Yoon who is an eighteen year old piano prodigy. She's received an offer from a huge foundation to continue her piano playing at a prestigious college, all expenses paid. So-Yoon and her mother were a bit stuck up at first but living with Hong-Joo seems to have had an effect on them and they're losing that high class aura they once had.
 This DV case has been going on since the middle of the third episode and now it's finally the day where the last hearing will be held in Jae-Chan's office. Jae-Chan was all prepared and had gathered a huge amount of evidence to counter attack the fake evidence that Yoo-Bum had manufactured. But just a few moments before the hearing was to begin Jae-Chan receives an urgent call from Woo-Tak.
 He's sitting with Hung-Joo's at her mother's restaurant, both have had dreams about the hearing. But both have different endings, Hung-Joo's dream had Jae-Chan losing the case. But there was a different outcome with Woo-Tak's dream, it ended with Jun-Mo being found guilty but only if
Jae-Chan's assistant Choi asks the questions or for the most part runs the hearing.

 Hung-Joo has noticed that the outcomes of her dreams have changed since she met Jae-Chan and Woo-Tak. Before her dreams always came true, now only a few of them do and wonder if it's because the other two are also dreaming about the same happenings? Jae-Chan is really torn about what to do with the hearing, he doesn't trust Choi to do a god job but on the other hand he believes the dreams that Woo-Tak has.
 There's a reason for not trusting Choi as he's been Yoo-Bum's mole at the prosecutor's office,
at one time Yoo-Bum had also worked for the prosecutor's office. It hasn't been revealed yet why he left but he had worked with Choi who has been feeding him info on the Park case. Jae-Chan has had some inklings about Choi's underhanded actions but has had no proof to back it up.
 After much thinking about Woo-Tak's dream Jae-Chan relents and to everyone's surprise at the office has Choi lead the proceedings. Naturally Yoo-Bum and Park think they have everything sewn up then and that the case will be dropped very quickly, the hearing does start off that way.

 But during the hearing Choi seems to have a change of heart, perhaps he wanted to see justice for the abused wife. Many things didn't add up to Choi but all of his attempts to get Park to answer questions were rebuffed by Yoo-Bum. There were two witnesses at the hearing, one was an officer and the other a paramedic. When Mrs. Park had passed out at her daughter's recital, explained in the third episode's recap, the first response out of Park's mouth to the paramedic was 'It wasn't me'.
 At the time nobody knew what he meant but it became obvious once the injuries he had inflicted upon his wife's body were discovered. Any normal husband would have asked if she was alright, Park had said he knew nothing about his wife's injuries but that comment had proved him wrong. Choi then went on the offense and was able to rattle Park and perhaps Yoo-Bum even more. Choi was able to prove that much of the evidence in the case was false and if Park didn't confess soon then he would be in even deeper hot water.
 Park started to lose it then and slowly bits of a confession began to be blurted out. We didn't hear him say the exact words that he hit his wife but that may have been later after he was charged. Park kept blaming Yoo-Bum for creating all of the fake evidence which was entirely true but Park had him as his attorney just for those reasons.

 Woman at the bottom is another prosecutor who is Hee-Min who has been so attractive in this show, thought the role was supposed to be much bigger but so far it's been a very small one. Back to the case and Park has confessed to all of beatings along with tampering the evidence, he's guilty but his sentencing for the crimes hasn't happened yet. Though he was humiliated Yoo-Bum wasn't charged with any crime even though all of the fake evidence for the hearing were his creations.
 His undoing will happen eventually though, perhaps Jae-Chan is waiting for the right time to take revenge on his one time friend. Things are looking rosy for the Park family now, his wife will be receiving a nice divorce settlement. Then there's So-Yoon who has accepted the invitation to attend a prestigious college to pursue her interest in playing the piano, even looks like she's finally fallen a bit for Seung-Won who has had such a crush on her.
 That brings us close to the end of the eighth episode, there were a few minutes to go but it was filled mainly with a dream sequence that Hong-Joo had when she had dreamt about embracing Jae-Chan. It lasted way too long plus we had already seen the footage but perhaps there wasn't enough time left in the show to start a new mystery.

 That comment Hong-Joo made about taking time off from work was the first we've heard of it, she seems to have worked in an office but no clue what kind of job it was. No more of Kim So-Hyun in this drama, she appeared in episodes three through eight and to me she's going to become such a popular actress very soon and actually think she is kind of popular with the teen viewers.
 This series airs Wednesday and Thursday nights so will be back next weekend with recaps for episodes nine to twelve. It may be one day later than this week as there's so many other new things I need to view, especially many for C-ute. So far have really enjoyed this drama and it has a good chance of being my top one of the year if it remains as interesting.

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