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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 'Keyaki no Kiseki' game press conference pics....

 Gals from Keya have been too quiet lately considering their fifth single is coming out in less than six days, guess that could be mean 24 hours a day of promoting it between now and next Wednesday. There's also another happening for the group besides this game and will try to get more info for Keya's next post. It's an odd happening as on the 24th which is one day before the new single comes out there's a 'Keya Uniform Museum' that will be opening. The location is at Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, wonder if they would let us male fans try them on????

 Think 'Keyaki no Kiseki' is the group's first app game, it was first announced at an event in late July. Don't know all of the details of the game as I'm not qualified to use a Smartphone yet as I lack the first five letters of the name to use it. But did some checking and think you're a manager/helper of the group as you kind of make their path easier for Keya or a member become more successful.
 There is a tutorial site which I found and there are probably a few others but bet most are written in Japanese. Don't think you can download the game for a regular computer, looks like you may be able to if you're a resident of Japan. But I'll keep hunting for some info for that as there probably a few that would prefer to play it on their computer, mainly me and these are pics form the site where you can download the app.

 On October 25th there will be three new additions to the game coming out, also on that day there will be some CM's released to promote the game. That's the day "Kase ni Fukarete mo" is coming out so perhaps we'll see another event like this on that date.
 This press conference for the game took place today at the Ebisu Garden, yesterday there was a screening there for the "Mix" film. Ten members made an appearance and have been noticing there's a core of members who usually appear at these events. One of them is Yuuka who is Keya's captain, she's a big gaming fan and said she played it for 3-4 hours yesterday. Akane is also a member who is always at these events, she looks so seductive she should have her own event but she admitted she's more of a regular card playing person versus phone games.
 Yui confessed too that she's a fan of the game and was playing it in the bath where she ended up dropping her phone in the water. Not on a comparison kick lately but doesn't Nijika really resemble the departed Nogi member Mai Fukagawa? On to the pics and have so many of them from the event with all of the ten members. No video of the event and it's rare when there is one but will have the game's CM's when they come out next week.


  1. They wouldn't let us try the clothes on because we'll look better than them without a doubt. So I'll take the one with the shortest skirt. Everybody will be so shocked like Neru's face on the 2nd last individual shot of the final batch of pics right above. Bloody hell Mizuho's tall. Now all I really know is that she has Dragon Quest and Pokeman! for her 3DS and Resident Evil 7 for PS4 but hope she gets more gaming related work coz despite expressing her L-O-V-E LOVE for gaming, so far all she's really done is Resident Evil 7 and that wasn't much tbh. Should've played Prey or some Dark Souuuls yeaahhh haha jks, doubt would've appealed to the japanese folks(Prey might of tho🤔). If she was a Tekken player then bruh...I would've been excited as hell. But Nintendo Switch is on the rise plus Super Mario Odyssey is coming out in the next week and a bit so yep it might be a good call to get her buttocks over and play some of it. Minami right there is lookin real pretty tho like woahh. Ohhhh-zeki! feel like her hair's shorter. Gee-whiz she's tryna trick me into thinkin she's Yui.I(!!). I had that thought once, that Nijika resembles Mai.F. It was during her showroom streams, you get a "holy mamaaa!!🙏" type feel to it. She looks really nice on those showroom streams.

  2. I'm not much of a phone person so not going to download it. But did learn you can download it and play it via Qoo App, don't know anything about the app but may try that it out to play the game.
    Yui's looks have certainly changed, the pic she's holding of herself from the game and the way she looks at the event are completely different.

  3. I'm a pc fella so no go for me.
    Yui.K is lookin real great lately