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Friday, July 31, 2015

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #41

 One last post for this mini 'Nogi Day', seems as though there's been a lot of them this year but I don't doing them as Nogi posts are surprisingly very popular here, knew they would be but not to the extent they are. Just checked the stats and this post ties them with Erika for most most posts here, soon they'll be leaving her in the dust.
 Remembered this at the last moment as I almost forgot one of the main reasons for this post and that was to give some stats for the "Taiyou Knock" single. In it's first week it sold 609,000 copies, it easily blew away the competition as the #2 single sold 42,000 copies. No doubt their 7-Eleven promo campaign helped sales but that's still an impressive figure, would think they'd top the previous record for sales which is 619,000 copies  which is what single #10 sold. Hopefully it'll break the 700 K mark, very few groups these days hit that mark.
 First off though isn't a mag spread but from a July 27th Mynavi.com interview Nanami and Reika did for their documentary film that came out on July 4th.

 Big spread here from the September issue of BLT featuring Erika, Nanase and Rina.

 Another September issue and this spread has six members from Samurai ELO.

 I honestly cannot believe how many mag spreads these gals appear in, hope they don't get too overexposed. This set is from Street Jack and it's yet another September issue, feature for their current "Bemars" drama.

 Last spread, think I have a few more but there's been too many recently. More from Street Jack which has some fine pics of a pair if Undergirls in Iori and Kotoko.

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #42

 Think when I do some posts for the "Bemars" drama it should be a 'Nogi Day' then, two posts below look at the third episode plus later on will have another post for the group.
 That other post will have more details for their current single but for now have three new mag spreads to share and they all feature the Mai trio. Don't know why we've never seen all three in a spread together bit there have been a few occasions where two of them have shared a spread. And that's the case for the first one here as Mai F. and S. appear in the September issue of BLT.

 After a long break from solo spreads Mai S. is back appearing in them as she's had four in the last week or so, this smallish set of pics is from Larme #017.

 And lastly another Mai solo spread and it's really a fabulous set as usual for her, this is from the September issue of Entame.