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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nogizaka46: Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #6 ?

 Halfway point now with my inaugural 'Top Ten Fave Nogi Members' list, wasn't going to make a change in the top five but.... wait, how does she keep hacking into these live posts?!

 Well now, did make a slight change in the order but think if a member has an attitude like she does than a huge change should be in order! Will make a better chart than this but so far the four members chosen have been....

 Not that I felt threatened in the least but, her, uh, didn't want to take the chance of making her angry.

 If that face doesn't ring a bell in your memory then the name for the sixth position belongs to Miona Hori. Honestly can't give cut and dry reasons why she ended up #6 but she just has that something about her that I really like. She's the second youngest member to make the list as Miona won't be turning twenty until October 15th, really thought she was already that age before I started this post. Don't know if my thinking is correct but for a long time always thought that Nogi fans either really liked or really disliked her.
 Miona is a second generation member and she was a Senbatsu right off the bat. As a matter of fact she was the center for "Barretta" which is one of their best singles. Had thought fans were a bit angry that she came right on and was installed as a center, can see why they had those thoughts but it was an okay decision for me.

 Miona may not be a great example of a swimsuit model but she looks pretty darn good to me, I would rank her as the second cutest member. She's also a funny gal too, some of her skits and other segments on the 'BINGO!' shows are really enjoyable watches. Miona is back as a Senbatsu member after having been dropped to being an Undergirl for a while, think she's back in the upper ranks for good as that demotion lasted for two singles.
 Think that's enough for now, for some reason have never done a solo post for her so will finish off the rest of my thoughts in that first solo post for her. Have some A+ pics for you to enjoy plus after them is a promo video for volume two of 'Nogizaka Quarterly'. Also will mention that for the last year she's kept her blog updated better than any other member.

Yuu Kikkawa: Magazine scans #5 and fifth single video

 Looks like this could be the end of the posts for Yuu's older mag spreads. Does say #5 at the top but if you include her four WBGC sets and one Bomb-TV set then it's much more than five posts, plus I'll bet the total for all of them is well over 700 pics. Really think(know) we need more new things from her as she truly looks better than ever, she has been keeping busy appearing on a lot of music shows and such but no new things such as a single have been announced.
 These are some of the ones that were missed somehow from 2012-13, Yuu would have been 21 or 22 at the time of the pics as she was born in May 1991. First dynamite spread, sadly there aren't many, is from 2012 and issue #209 of UTB.

 Quite a huge spread from Young Magazine that came out on October 22nd, 2012.

 Last Yuu spread but if I missed these than could have missed others so will double check for more, this set is from issue #21 of Young Magazine from 2013.

 'Darling no Madonna" was Yuu's fifth single and it was released on September 26, 2012. She had kind of a rough period with singles three through six, her first two singles reached the top ten while her next four barely cracked the top twenty. This one reached #18 on the Oricon charts, these days her singles sell much better but for some strange reason she had a slump in sales during that period. Strange because the songs were really good but that doesn't always guarantee a single is going to do well. Here are the covers for it and one of Yuu promoting it, following them is the PV for the single. It was also the ending song for the "Sengoku Collection" anime.