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Monday, July 22, 2019

Marie Iitoyo: Another potpourri post of recent happenings....

 Bit of a close race for most posts for the year. The leader has eleven while this is Marie's tenth and expect her to tie for the lead this weekend, a pair of gals are also close with nine each. For a long time thought my #1 woman for the year was going to be a shoo-in but that's not the case these days. Won't start my 'Top Twenty for 2019' list until late November and with her busy pace Marie has closed the gap rather quickly and I'm glad to see there will be a battle for the top spot. What I would like to see is her posts become a bit more popular, none of her previous nine for the year have made the list on the right hand side for 'Most viewed posts for the last month'.

 Won't go into any long spiel for how much I like Marie as it's been said in most of her other posts and she is just something else to me to put it mildly. There should be a post this Sunday as she's going to be the cover girl of a mag coming out this week and have so many pics for today may hold back a few for that next post. But the majority of those upcoming pics should be for Saturday's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show and she always looks so fabulous at them. You'll also see she's scheduled to be at another show on September 7th and there's many more that take place in the Autumn.

 Dream Ami is a woman who I did an intro post for well over a year ago and it's been her only one to date. Not that I don't like her as she is so kawaii but have forgotten about her too many times and those two have hooked up before....

 .... and did once again as Dream Ami and Marie are going to be starring in an upcoming TV special. Ooops, didn't mean upcoming as it aired on July 14th and didn't realize it until now but it's a show I'll be hunting down. Title of it is loosely 'Don't be fooled by Wolf' and it's the sixth in the series of specials. It aired on Ameba-TV so hope it won't be too hard to find and it's kind of a love reality show, obviously Marie lost my number again.... pics from a July 12th event promoting it.

 Can't believe how many events Marie has attended this year, no actress is busier than she is and she's also starring in a current drama titled "Sign". On July 18th she was at a 'Beagle in the Sky' event which was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk and as you can see it was also an event for Snoopy. At Tokyo Skytree set up until October 14th is an exhibition where you can buy unique Snoopy or beagle snacks and Marie made one of them up. They also have a Space Station set up there, know she sends me soaring into outer space....

 Usually have pics from the More magazine site, do have new ones but will hold on to those for this weekend's post. But do have some terrific new pics from the Oggi site and hadn't posted anything from them in a long time.

 Just a quick Nogi add-in as it may be a few days until their next post but some of the members will be at this weekend's TGC show.

 The question is where does she find the time to do everything, does her day consist of 28 hours? Marie has been in two dramas this year and two films, been at about ten events plus fashion shows and also models for a few sites, whewwww!!!! Now another company has signed her up to model their yukatas and they're Suzunoya, these are brand new pics from their site. After them have a video of that Snoopy event from four days ago.