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Monday, May 25, 2020

Nogizaka46: A little bit of this and that for 2020 #14....

 Yesterday was a rarity with no posts, usually that only happens when I take a day off but it's not often when it's because there's zero to post about which was the case. Thought it'd be like that today too but seeing as how I take Tuesdays off didn't want to go three days with no posts. Of course the reason for that is the slowdown on activities as no events are being held, no films are coming out plus magazines are only publishing half as many issues. Not much any of us can do about the situation so will just try to do what I can and other sites I visit are also having the same problems.
 Thursday through Saturday seem to be a normal stretch as there's usually seven or more posts done and have a strong feeling that trend will continue this week. Thanks then if you keep visiting and as I've mentioned there's plenty of older posts to browse through, 6,700 of them to be exact. Holiday here in the the U.S. and Misa seems to have the right idea on what to do(!), know that's what I'll be doing a bit later but least where I reside the pubs are still closed. Hmmmm, few others seem to enjoy the spirits too though I prefer those cold lagers above....

 The last Nogi group post was just done on Friday as there seems to always be something to post about them but these are getting a tad smaller. What I'm really hoping for is to have another Miona post by the end of the week, Her second photobook comes out on Wednesday and there's been so many promo pics for it that have finally been seeping out, she's also going to be the cover girl for the next issue of UTB so mainly waiting for that to come out. Here's some superb brand new pics for the PB though to me it could be tough to top her first book.

 The biggest slowdown for Nogi things has been magazine spreads, just have one for today. However there seem to be just as many modeling pics as usual and probably because those sites have a whole vault full of pics. We've been seeing more of Misa lately as she just had pics in the last post or perhaps two ago, she's still looking super duper and these are from the Bijin Hyakka site.

 More new Mai pics from the andGirl site though have been noticing it's been a while since there's been any from Oggi.

 One more batch of modeling pics from the Bis site featuring Yuki.

 Plus some b-day cards for her as on May 5th she turned twenty, she's been around for so long seems as though she should be a bit older.

 Have probably had 400 'NogiKoi' game cards in these posts the past two months and had been planning on not having any more. But to fill this post up will have one last batch of cards as there's two first generation members who I had never included. They're Minami and Hina whose birthdays are only one week apart, February 6th and January 31st.

 We've hit the end, not a small post as there were well over fifty pics but not as large as most group posts. As mentioned just one mag spread for today but it is a solid set of pics as Yuki is the cover girl for the June 8th issue of Young Magazine.