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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Kyoko Saito: Her mesmerizing 21st post....


 Did eight posts between Saturday and Sunday, should have held on to one for today for there still isn't too much going on with my bigger faves which is kind of surprising me. Do have 3-4 photobooks that could have been posted but have had many more than usual as of late so want to wait a bit on posting those other ones. Was all prepared though to have a post for an ex-Nogi gal today, that's all set to go and you'll probably see it tomorrow. But here'se a mega fave of mine who has been lacking on posts, really just one since October and thought who is more deserving of a post today?

 Last year Kyoko was quite busy up until August and then it became so much more difficult to have posts for her. She did finish in the sixth position on last year's fave's list which is impressive but really was hoping she would make a run at being number one. It's not that Kyoko hasn't been busy as she has and Hina let's every member take a spot in the limelight which means others step back for a while and that's actually a positive thing to me. She will be the cover girl of a magazine coming out in three days so with any luck perhaps there can be another Kyoke post by the end of this month. This post has jogged my memory, said I would have the second ever Hina 'Pairs Post' this month and had completely forgotten about but it will be done!

 Exactly a year has passed since Kyoko's first photobook was released and what a success that was with 140,000 copies sold, the post for it was also the most viewed post done in 2021. May be a while until we see a second book as I have a feeling management will be allowing others to have a book before second ones come out which is okay to me but there better be a second Kyoko book! Let's begin off with some recent pics from Hina's blog that have come out in the last month.

 Four new promo pics from the 'Uni's on Air' web game for New Year's.

 Heard some terrific news last week which is that there will be a 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show that will be taking place on March 22nd. Those shows are always superb and bet close to ten Hina members take a stroll on the catwalk. Kyoko is at every show and usually looks fabulous, this set here is from the January 12, 2020 TGC show that took place in Toyama.

 To appear at those shows you need to be a model for a magazine or fashion site. Kyoko has been an ar model for almost three years now and some recent pics from their site.

 There hasn't been a solo Kyoko mag spread for months but did say she has a new one coming out in three days. So while this set from the August issue of Girls Stream isn't new had never posted it before and it's so terrific wonder how I missed it?

 There used to be this 'Sakimachi' series that aired on occasion and that's the name of the three '46' groups management. I really enjoyed that show which would feature segments with one member from each of the three groups. There hasn't been once since January 2020 and hope they make a return. Bring that up because Kyoko made an appearance on that special show which was the best segment to date and all three are huge faves of mine, she showed us her ineptness in that segment and did do a post for it very long ago.

 That above leads us into this final set of pics. Hina's group variety show is called 'Hinatazaka de Aimashou' which airs on Sunday night. But up until April 2019 the show was called 'Hiragana Oshi' and it was in February of that year when the group broke away from Keya, they had been known as Hiragana 46. There's been a couple of box sets of the series which have come out, the show aired for a year and even though there's a new name it's the exact same show.

 Each box set had some special features such as unaired segments and the team from Broken Subs have subbed a few of those specials. This one was supposed to just feature Kyoko but she really only had half the screen time of the 21 minute segment, that's okay though as the entire video was still enjoyable. Did mention her ineptness at cooking which she proved to us in this video, whoever ends up with her better be prepared to eat a lot of take out food! These episodes aired in late 2018 and after the screenshots have a video from the 'Aimashou' show that shows her lack of culinary skills....