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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Suzuka Tomita: Though she could be the most unpopular J-Pop Idol on Earth....


 .... or at least at this Blog that doesn't mean there aren't other hotbeds for J-Pop in the Universe! As a matter of fact Hina was the first group to open a fan club on another planet though these days it's called a Dwarf planet. Of course am referring to Pluto and though much larger than Japan area wise it only has a fraction of the population. However the aliens on that planet were wise who they chose as their most beloved Idol as for the second year in a row the Plutoninans picked Suzuka as their favorite Idol and there was no one close to her! Her popularity is so high on the planet Suzuka's first photobook was only released there, was going to order it but the shipping from Pluto is out of this world expensive! Well, hate to tell her but don't think there are any intergalactic expressways....

 So what things make for a terrific post and are any of those in this one? Photobooks are always popular here, is there a digital or regular one for today.... NOPE! Okay, magazine spreads are also usually fabulous, any of those.... NOPE! Sigh, well modeling pics are also quite good as they can be so classy and/or alluring, how about some of them.... NOPE! Grrr, let me try one more thing and how about some stupendous photos from an event.... NOPE! Wow, struck out on everything that makes for a terrific post. But have no fear you half dozen Suzuka fans for as though there aren't many sections to this post there are over eighty pics and bet sixty or so are new for here.

 Hmmm, good thing there's no IQ requirements for those I post about! Not that it means anything but Suzuka is the first Hina member to have a post for the new 'Nao Year' that began on December 1st, let's hope for more variety of activities so she can make next year's faves list. First off are these recent photos from her IG page and I really like the last one. You will see some racing pics though the season is now over and those pics were from a special Formula One show that ran on Abema-TV from November 16th until the 19th, sure she'll be back next year as a co-host for the 'GO ON! Next' racing show.

 Am holding back some pics which are new promo ones for the group's Mysterious Library' game. On January 18th Suzuka will be celebrating her 23rd birthday and want to save a few things for that. Hopefully Suzuka be on Earth for the occasion and won't be having a party then with her new Plutonian friends. Up next are these somewhat recent Hina cards for their last few singles plus Halloween, not brand new but had never posted them before.

 Also am holding back a very small amount of pics for the 'Hina Koi' game, those pics are always superb but never enough get released. Third segment feature these older Christmas pics and there are more which I nay have in Suzuka's birthday post. Her height is a little over 165 cm and figured you would want that info in case Santa brings a special stocking stuffer for you.... sure most aren't thinking of a life sized Suzuka figurine but the real thing!!!!

 Those bottom four are from the 'Hina Koi' game and aren't they sharp looking?! Last year what I did for some Hina and Keya members was to have all of their 2022 'Uni's on Air' web game pics in one post and also included a few other things. Will do that again for this year but think I will only go back eight months or until May so will end off with 32 ultra fabulous Suzuka pics for the game. They go backwards from December until May, the first eight are from December and had never been posted before. Surprised the theme wasn't Christmas, there's four pics for each month but there were none released for October. Hina does have a YT channel for member videos but she hasn't uploaded one since October when for the third time she went shopping for her first car and once again didn't purchase one. After the game pics is a video I had never seen before and its kind of cool. It's from October 29th, on that date the final race of the 2023 Formula One racing season was held in Mie. Suzuka sang the National Anthem, she did a passable job but was it good enough for her to be Hina's next center?