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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Nene Shida: A few more recent tidbits....


 The posts for Nene had really slowed down for a while, she only had two for the first three months of the year. For most that's a decent pace but not her who tied the record last year with 26 posts. However things have returned to normal as this is Nene's fourth post in eight weeks and third in the last three weeks. Have often said just because we don't hear from someone for a while doesn't mean they're not busy. In her case it was because she had been on a few photo shoots and also has a much larger role in her first regular TV series.

 Not sure how things will be working out for this year's faves list, have done eight of them from 2015-22. Last year Nene finished in the second position and wasn't far from being #1, she also had my second favorite photobook for the year. The problem this year could be how many women will qualify(?), six posts are needed. The last two years 28 have qualified but don't think that will happen for this year and except for a few what's happened to my mega faves this year? So may do a preliminary post sometime in late July or early August to take a look at how things are shaping up, she'd be in the running for being number one after being the Bridesmaid twice last year.

 This may seem like a smallish post which it is to an extent but there are over fifty new pics. After such a slower than usual stretch from mid-April until the end of May trying to increase the posts for this month so some may not be as huge as you've been used to. First off is this small batch of pics from Nene's IG page, not all that many for her last regular post was done just two weeks ago.

 Here's something we don't see enough of which are regular modeling pics. They're from the Parco site and are promoting a new pop-up store that opened on Monday.

 If you're one of the Nene fans that read all of her posts you know that she has her first regular role in a series which is the Sentai show "Kamen Rider Geats". She plays the role of an OL named Sara and for almost thirty episodes her role wasn't all that large. It's now up to the 38th show and her role has really grown and should continue that was until the end of the series. In the 34th episode Sara became a Kamen Rider and had been tricked up a Frog figurine(!) to become a Rider, she thought by doing so it would save her younger brother Keiwa from becoming a Rider.

 Did recap the first sixteen shows and if you recall her brother is Kamen Rider Tycoon, he was able to keep it hidden from her for so long. Actually she did find out twice but her memory was erased both times. So in the 34th show Sara became Kamen Rider Hakubi and she's far from being an elite fighter, her weapon is a powerful claw which she still needs to learn how to use. For some reason Sara has been targeted by the army of Jamato creatures and is it because her brother Keiwa is also a Rider? This batch is from the 36th episode, twelve more to go in the series. So in future posts will have more info on how KR Habuki is doing and there's no way she'll win the prestigious Desire Grand Prix. Sara had thought she was able to keep it a secret from her brother that she was a new Rider but he knew all along, at the end of this show she finally discovered her brother was KR Tycoon.

 That bottom screenshot is the best, think that's what I would say to Nene!!!! Have a way too small new magazine spread that's from the June 3rd issue of Weekly Gendai, it almost appears as though it's promoting a new digital book but haven't heard anything about that.... yet.

 However this final set of pics is promoting a new digital photobook that came out three days ago and was released by the Friday magazine. Nene is the cover girl for their June 16th issue which has some outtake pics from the book, final few are bonus pics from the site. The "Kamen Rider Geats" series has fifty episodes and will be ending sometime in late August. Those shows usually have a few movies after it's run is complete and hope that happens again with this series. There hasn't been any videos for her magazine spreads the last few months, Nene does have her own YT channel but her last video was way too long. But after the pics do have a new one that was uploaded to YT today and if you've ever been curious about how she takes a bath.... gulp....