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Friday, September 24, 2021

Tsubasa Honda: An extremely overdue post but....


 .... not much I really could have done about it. This is her first post in five months(!) and she's never had a gap like that before as no actress has had more posts since 2015. What an odd year it's been for Tsubasa as she had four posts in a ten week stretch earlier this year but has done so little since then or at least activities you can post about. Didn't even have a chance to do a post for her 29th birthday which took place on June 27th, so many of my long time fave actresses are thirty and above or are about to hit that age. On kind of a down note perhaps most didn't even realize it had been so long since a Tsubasa post? Say that as for the last twenty months or so her posts have drawn the least amount of views so guess you have to say she's the least popular woman here, shows where dressing skimpy will get you!

 Tsubasa is the only woman o make every single fave's list. She was tenth on my all time list and has made all six yearly ones, this is her sixth post of the year so now she's qualified for the 2021 list. However as much as it pains me to say this will be the first year Tsubasa won't make the list, except for that brief spurt earlier this year she's been so quiet and that's unlike her. "Radiation House 2" begins on October 4th, her first regular drama of the year and also her first one since March 2020!

 Have about fifty new pics for today which is often the normal amount for a post but this being her first post in five months it's not all that many, do have a batch of oldies. Will start off with some IG pics but Tsubasa doesn't post all that many as these stretch back to mid-July.

 Big slowdown on modeling pics which has been her bread and butter for so long. After being constantly busy for seven straight years perhaps Tsubasa wanted to take it a bit easy for a stretch and hopefully soon she'll be back to her usual self. She has been appearing in issues of More and these are some recent pics from their site.

 Have three issues of More here if you can follow what I say, first six are for May and the next seven are for August, final four pages are from their October edition. In September, this month, Tsubasa celebrated her third anniversary of being a model for the magazine.

 Two more spreads for today, in this first set Tsubasa was the cover girl for the August issue of Spring and she does appear in many of their editions.

 Another Spring spread but at five pages it's way too small and is from their October issue.

 Final thing for today is an oldie set of pics. But only half are as I found ten more pics for this event that took place on October 28, 2017 and had done a post for it back then. It was the first screening for the "Fullmetal Alchemist" film, Tsubasa played the role of Winry and did she ever look overly super duper at the screening which took place at the 33rd 'Tokyo International Film Festival'. Following the pics have a newish Tsubasa CM that came out in August for LineMo/Softbank and has a behind the scenes segment.