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Monday, November 30, 2015

Nao Furuhata: "AKB Horror Night" drama episode 4 recap and screenshots

 Wasn't planning on reviewing this episode today but it's one of those extremely slow days so except for that other post earlier in the day this will be the only other one. Actually have close to ten posts that are almost done but every one of them is about a 2/3 post, just not enough things for what I consider a post but it shouldn't be long before I can finish all ten of them. It's okay for me to have a slower day, does take a while to watch all these dramas, TV appearances and other videos so it gives me a chance to catch up on them and other projects.
 So it being a slow day will give a short recap of this episode of "AKB Horror Night", short because the episodes are only around 11 minutes. Have posted two previous recaps for this show but was planning on holding off on this one and to post about four recaps in a row. However the subbing seems to have come to a halt as nothing past the seventh episode has been subbed and those are the episodes that I'd prefer to watch. Hopefully that team is just taking a break and the subs will be starting up soon, there's just two episodes left to air of this 20 episode series.

 Another reason this may be a brief review is that I watched this over two weeks ago and forget some of the details but hopefully the screenshots will jog my memory. Did take a few notes while watching it but when that spillage happened near my keyboard those unfortunately got the worst of it. So I can't recall what Nao's character's name was but upon further reflection don't think it was revealed in the show so will just call her Nao for the recap.
 So far the episodes I've viewed have all had the same theme, a single female living in a tiny apartment. This one also has that theme and unsure if they're all going to be like that. One night Nao is awakened at 1:00 am by a phone call, the caller who was a man was looking for someone named Ryoko. It appears as though that was the name of a previous tenant but one who hadn't lived there for over two years.
 The caller was the girl's ex-boyfriend, ex because of the fact she had died two years ago! We're not really sure why he kept calling but that's what he did and at the same time of 1:00 am every night. Naturally Nao started to get a bit creeped out by the calls and asked to stop. But one night Nao saw the ghost of Ryoko so when the man called that night she told him what had happened, is her spirit hovering in the apartment?

 After hearing what happened the boyfriend asked if he could come over the next night and a horrified Nao agreed. But the following night when she opened her door a man wasn't standing there, instead it was Ryoko! She then explained to Nao that of course she didn't die, it was her boyfriend who did and somehow it's been him calling her every night.
 Now Nao is more creeped out then ever, is the ghost of the boyfriend haunting her place? Ryoko leaves shortly after that but to Nao's surprise there was no phone call that night but instead the boyfriend or should we say his spirit appeared instead. And that's where the episode ends as it left us wondering what happened to Nao, the natural thought would be that she also was going to be a spirit haunting the apartment.

 Like I mentioned an episode is only about 11 minutes long so things take place in a rapid fashion, that ending to me though was a bit confusing but did watch it over two weeks ago so may have forgotten a detail. Also unsure when the next recaps will be for this series, really hoping that sub team is just taking a break as my fave members seem to appear in the latter episodes. That's no knock on Nao who I do really like and who has a few posts of her own here too.
 Can't say any of the episodes have been horrifying in any way but they're been okay watches, think if you like B-Movies this series would be for you and those happen to be my fave kinds of films. Perhaps because there's only two episodes left that sub team is waiting for the show to finish and then finish with the subs. If that's the case expect a few more posts for this show but even if there's no subs will be watching a few more of the episodes. The ones to expect even if they're not subbed feature Miyuki, Yuki, Haruka K. and Haruka S., think the shows are easy enough to follow without subs but they do help me out quite a bit. And to end off plenty more screenshots of Nao from this episode plus there's a short promo video following them.

Nogizaka46: The Nanami Hashimoto post #39- Big Comic Spirits scans and video

Impossible to ever get tired of pics like these....

 .... as I may need to work on that top five list a bit harder as it looks like you-know-who may have bumped someone from that list. Just one new Nanami item for today but it's so stupendous thought it needed to be shared quickly, perhaps just the one new thing but there are over 30 pics. Have no reason why a weekly has already come out with a January issue but seeing how tremendous these pics are they probably wanted to get them out as soon as possible. Can't think of many other Nanami superlatives so enjoy this first set of pics from the January 1st issue of Big Comic Spirits.

 Pics are a bit smaller but these are bonus ones of Nanami from the above spread.

 Not sure how long this video will stay on YT so if you can download it would highly suggest doing that. This is a behind the scenes video of the Big Comic Spirits photo shoot with Nanami looking more jaw-dropping than ever, think she's hit the plateau which most females just dream about, wow!