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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Misa Eto post' #8- Brody mag scans and more....

 Know all five members who have had a photobook this year deserved one but no one is more deserving of one than Misa. Granted the PB from MS had some breathtaking pics but almost all of Misa's pics take my breath away, management better let her release one this year or else!!!!!!!
 Kind of funny how things work out, last Nogi post said it's been eons since we've heard from Misa and before you know it she's in a brand new mag spread. Not just any mag spread as it may be the best group one to date for the year, think she also had the best one for last year too.

 Who wouldn't want Misa for their Valentine's gal? Hopefully not too many as I'd hate to have to get into scraps with too many of her wanna-be suitors! Never did do a post for her 24th birthday which took place on January 4th, probably nothing new to post about then. With last week's graduation looks like Misa has jumped into the top spot for my fave Nogi member, hope she doesn't get complacent as there are a few right on her tail.
 Besides the April Brody spread she's also going to be the cover girl for the next issue of Bubka, let's hope her brief rest period is over. First off though are some Valentine's Day cards which haven't been posted yet, actually all of the pics today are brand new for here.

 Check the member's blogs almost every day, at one time Misa did a good job at keeping it updated with some fine looking pics but she hasn't made an entry since January 31st. However she's made a few Twitter posts with some fine looking pics which are from her Brody photo shoot.

 On to the spread which is quite a large set at twenty pics, can't think of the last time a member had such a large spread. With the way Misa looks in this set of pics wish it was twice as large... wow is she such a prime example of the word alluring.

C-ute: Maimi Yajima H!P cards from.... 2011!!!!

 May revive the 'C-ute singles series' for a few more posts. They wouldn't be for singles but for a few of their albums since 2011. Call me crazy but for some reason thought "Midnight Temptation" was a single back in 2011 but it wasn't!!!! To me that is shocking as it's one of their all time best songs and at times has been my fave tune from them.
 The song is off the "Chou Wonderful" album that came out in 2011. Bought the CD late in 2012, CD's are built to last as I've had to play it over 200 times since then which averages out to be about once a week. So will do a post for that album along with their 2013 'Queen of J-Pop" album. At first I really didn't care for it all that much but in the last year it's really grown on me. The biggest hit of it was "Crazy Kanzen na Otona", unsure if it was written for me.😖

 C-ute will have a group photobook coming out on May 1st, the countdown for me has started as it's only 104 days until their final performance. Haven't heard if any members will be having a PB but wouldn't we all love to see another one from Maimi? The answer is naturally yes, she's had ten of them to date and we(I) can never get tired of looking at her pics of perfection.
 Long time readers know I've said countless times that Tuesday and Wednesdays tend to be the slowest days for new happenings. That's okay by me these days as it gives me a chance to do older things like this post. Pics aren't as jaw-dropping as the above ones but they're all quite superb. All are from 2011 and the top five are for Maimi's movie "Black Angels" which I reviewed about two years ago and it was a fun watch.
 Maimi was in the two sequels but have been unable to hunt them down, will look harder as I forgot about them until a minute ago. If you don't include the members from Nogi then Maimi would have more posts here than any other Idol, need to do more of them in the next few months as the posts may dry up after June. Should have called this part one as there are so many cards from this year, fifty of them here. Seems as though there are more cards than any other year and think it's because 2011 is when C-ute became so much more popular.