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Monday, August 31, 2015

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #51, new single details and more....

 Kind of a slow day for things which is actually okay to me as I enjoy slow days now again so this will be the only post for the day but it's one that's going to be jam packed with things. As you may or may not know the details for their 13th single came out on Sunday, will have the info on that at the bottom of the post.
 Just two new mag spreads on the day with the first being from the September issue of Audition.

 Second spread features the duo of Minami and Miona from the October issue of BLT, bottom five are bonus pics.

 On August 31st the group performed the final concert of their 2015 Summer Tour at the Jingu Stadium which is the home of the baseball Yakult Swallows team. Haven't heard what the attendance numbers were for the show but could see it easily topping 40,000 as the stadium holds 38,000 for baseball games and there were quite a few seats on the playing field. The concert was streamed, the only for their tour to be streamed, so should be able to get a copy of that soon and will be doing too many posts to count about the concert.
 Quite a long concert it was too as they performed 22 songs then another seven in the encores, though the tickets are extremely expensive they do give you your money's worth. During one of the encores they performed their next single, more on that after these pics which are from the final concert.

 The group's 13th single now has a title to it which is "Ima, Hanashitai Dreka ga Iru", release date for it will on the 28th of October. Over the weekend the lineup was announced for the single, drop in the amount of Senbatsu members as the previous single had 18 while this one has just 16. Few surprises in the lineup, not who will be performing on the single which almost always has the same members but their placements as for the first time there will be two centers, Mai and Nanase.

 That's what the lineup looks like, what was surprising is that Mai F. and Misa are int he front row while Rina, who had the center for the last single was dropped all the way to the third row, have heard many fans weren't pleased with her being the center of their "Taiyou Knock" single. Also the team captain Reika was dropped to the third row while Nanami went from row one to the second row which is strange as her new photobook just came out and harder to promote it if you're dropping a bit.
 On to the song which is okay but not as bouncy as some of their previous singles but seems better than the last one. Not sure how long the songs will stay on YT but there are some from the group's latest concerts there, would recommend downloading the videos quickly if you can just in case they do get deleted. There is one version of the new single as they played it for the first time at the last concert and here it is but it's been on YT for almost a day now so perhaps it won't be deleted.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nogizaka46: The Nanami Hashimoto post #30

They announced the formation for the group's next single which will be their 13th, once again Nanami is not the center. Actually she and a few others got bumped to the second row, quite surprising considering her first photobook just came out. Next Nogi post will be giving the details of who the Senbatsu members are, really no surprises who will be on the single but quite a few were bumped back to the second or third row, expect that post in a day or two.
 Wanted to do this solo post last week but Nanami didn't appear as host on the Girls Locks! radio show due to the group's Summer tour so not going to be a huge of a post as usual but do have some really good new things. First off are her group cards for August.

 Kind of disappointing there's only three pics but at least they're breathtaking ones from WPB #36.

 Those above pics are also promoting Nanami's first PB :Yasashii Toge" which came out on August 29th, few pics she recently posted on her blog for the book.

 Few promo pics from the photobook, kind of leaves me speechless.

 Sharing a few pics with you-know-who from the October issue of CanCam.

 Actually turned out to be a much bigger post than I expected, would think she will be having a fan signing session for the PB this week so if she does expect a post. All of the above have been new pics but here's a Nanami encore from volume one of the "Hatsumori Bemars Digital Photobook".