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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Nogizaka46: Yet another.... jaw-dropping Erika Ikuta post!!!!

 Not as huge as Erika's previous two solo posts but have so many new pics just couldn't see holding on to them. Have plenty of pics today from her "Intermission" photobook, almost all of them are brand new for her such as those above two, that top one is something else and wonder how many fans took a cold shower after viewing that pic?!
 Erika has always been one of the more popular Nogi members but these days she just could be their number one gal, may not be a stretch to say she could be the #1 popular Idol around. The sales figures for her second PB, which was released on January 22nd, came out today and bet most experts were thinking it would sell in the 100-125,000 range. Erika blew those estimates away as first week sales for the photobook were.... 178,688!!!! Wow, that's a record for an Idol and she just missed the all time record of 182,000+ books sold in a week, that record belongs to Nogi for their last group PB.

 The all time record for PB sales is 314,000+ copies sold, her Nogi rival holds that mark for her "Passport" book which is still selling well. Would have to say Erika has an excellent chance of breaking that mark, she's only 136,000 copies behind after one week. However have more than just PB pics for this post though do have many more of them coming up further down. Still haven't done a post for Erika's 2018 Nogi cards but have some here which hadn't been posted.

 Erika is 22 in age now so guess it's okay for her to take a break now and again to have a few quick lagers which may be from her German background as she did live there for five years.

 Erika is still such a high in demand stage actress, she does do a solid job at acting but she also has such a fine voice which is why she usually stars in musicals. Her tenth play will be "Les Miserables" which will be opening on April 19th, it's the second time she's appeared in a version of the play. Pics here are from a January 23rd press conference for the play, her last one was "Great Comet of 1812" which ended it's run last Sunday.

 That woman in red looks fairly good, let me do some investigating on her. Thought with the new PB Erika would be appearing in many mags but this spread here is just her second one for this month. It's a superb set though as she also is the cover girl and it's from the February 6th issue of Anan, bottom two pics are bonus shots.

 Now on to a few more pics from the photobook, after selling 178,000 copies what can Erika do for an encore? Maybe these pics will spur other Nogi members to top her but don't know if that's possible plus don't know if our hearts could take too many pics like these, wowowowow! First fourteen pics are new for here while the rest are some breathtaking ones you've already seen but they certainly deserved an encore. No decent new Erika videos but was just thinking waht would be such a huge seller would be a DVD of the photo shoot for the PB, my imagination is hyper drive....