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Friday, February 28, 2020

Nogizaka46: 2020 Magazine scans #6.....

 Whew, why don't we see more mag spreads featuring Hinako?!?! She's currently my #1 member but have nothing new for her today and sadly that's the case for most of my long time faves. Bit of a one dimensional post as save for one minor tidbit there's just mag spreads for today though they do add up to be fifty pics. But had only done one Nogi group post this month which was on February 4th, the previous group post was on January 19th. Knew a slowdown was going to happen as so many first and second generation members have left and they're the ones I prefer posting about.
 There's a trio of third generation members who I like quite a bit but will never post about any fourth generation gals so a year from now it'll probably be just solo posts and very few, if any, group ones. But may have a few next week as seven members will be at this weekend's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show which will be an odd show. That's because it'll be taking place in an empty arena due to the health crisis over in Japan. The show will be streamed live but hope I can get as many pics as usual as I often have five or more posts for Nogi and Keya.

 Next week will try to have one or two 'a little bit of this and that' posts and will definitely try to have as many Mai pics in them. That's for the above member as the other you-know-who member has her pics in solo posts. Actually am a bit pressed for time or there could have been a post with more variety but it may help waiting.
 That's because the cover pics nor any promo ones have come out yet for Nogi's 25th single. That will be released on March 25th and the main song is Mai's farewell "Shiawase no Hogoshoku" with her being the center. Haven't heard any of the tunes yet as I prefer to wait until I get the complete single, some fans have heard the A-side and it's a mixed bag of reactions which isn't a good sign. Two possible disappointments for me is that the Undergirls have no songs of their own, to me their songs on Nogi's last five or so singles have been the best. Also that there's not that many new songs, six in all by my count which isn't many considering how many versions there are.

 But with it being a farewell single wouldn't surprise me if it becomes Nogi's biggest seller to date. Is that above pic one of the best if not top one we've ever seen of Nogi's captain Manatsu! She did have some mighty fine pics in her first solo photobook that came out in 2017, think the group may have had ten books that year. Out of nowhere a week ago it was announced her second PB would be coming out on April 8th and that surprised me. I do like Manatsu so it's nice to her being rewarded with another PB, these are more promo pics for it.

 But with that PB coming out it means Miona's second book has been pushed back once again. I can't understand what's going on as it was first announced last September that her PB would be coming out early this year, on her blog she said to expect it by Summer(!). Think the anticipation for Yuki's second photobook is quite high, wish she was a bit older but she seems like a fairly likable gal. Thought in the "Zambi" drama she did a decent job acting and she's going to have the main role in an upcoming film. Many of her recent spreads have featured outtake pics from her PB but will save those for a possible solo post. But do have a pair of spreads today and I prefer it when she doesn't vamp it up so much, this set is from the February 26th issue of Weekly Shonen.

 Another fine Yuki set from the March edition of UTB.

 Misa and a few other graduates I'll always include in these group posts. She seems to be a lot busier lately as she had a photobook that came out at the beginning of January plus was in a film that was released three weeks ago. She's the cover girl for the March issue of Bijin Hyakka.

 So graduation plans(yet) for Sayuri, she'll be turning 28 in August so her days could be numbered too. That's a shame as for a while I really wasn't into her but these days do like her quite a bit, this set is from the January edition of BLT Graph.

 The Undergirls were supposed to have their own next week and I enjoy their shows so much but sadly it got cancelled because of the health crisis. Will be ending off with a pair of sets with UG members and it's odd seeing them have a solo spread. First off is Hina who is a model for some sites, at one time I thought she was the worst looking Nogi member but not these days as she looks quite good. This set is from the April edition of JJ, back on January 31st she turned 22.

 Have always liked Ayane quite a bit as to me she's one of Nogi's more interesting members. For so long she was their shyest gal but has come out her shell and does many activities outside of the group, she's someone who I think can be a success when she leaves the group. Ayane has today's final spread and was a cover girl for the first time for the March 3rd issue of Manga Action. There's another first time happening as Nogi has done a CM for Asahi Dry Beer, you can view the video after the pics.