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Monday, July 31, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Manaka Shida post' #2

 Won't be the biggest of posts as it was a spur of the moment decision to do it but think there's plenty of Manaka pics to get her some new fans. To me Manaka's looks have changed the most since the group began and it's been almost two years since they formed. These are some of her first pics and they're from the Torizaka46.jp site and hmmmm, you may be wondering what that site is. It's now defunct though still up, when Keya first started Torizaka46 was their original name.

 As customary for a solo post pics from the August 21, 2015 press conference where they introduced the members and you have to squint to see Manaka.

 Will give you once chance to guess who her fave Nogi member is.... you're wrong!!!!

 No doubt the biggest difference is her hair color but then again aging two years will usually improve your looks. Keya has a huge horse lover as you all(should) know, think it's time for management to push Manaka as the group's biggest lover of Nekos!

 Will eventually get around to doing a 'pairs post' for this duo, they are the best looking twosome in Keya and there are many pics of them together.

 Manaka's character in the 'Zankoku' drama is named Keito, she's #10. Keito is kind of a quiet student and we haven't seen enough of her through six episodes. But seems every show 3-4 member's roles are bigger so let's hope that happens with Manaka's character soon.

 On to some superb looking Manaka mag spreads and there have been a few recent ones. Don't think she's affiliated with a magazine which is a shame as I'd like to see her on the catwalk with the other members. First off is a terrific set of pics from Young Magazine #34 which came out two weeks ago.

 Many Manaka spreads but just noticed most of them aren't big enough for the most fashion conscious member of Keya. Three pics each from the March and August editions of Bubka.

 Final Manaka spread is from the August issue of BLT. After the pics check out a somewhat entertaining video which is a compilation for a few of Manaka's segments from 'KeyaBingo!' and 'Keyakitte', really fine one with 1/2 of W-Watanabe.

Kie Kitano: Few July happenings....

 Don't think Kii has ever had a lot of fans here but in Japan have the feeling she still has a solid fan base even though she's been so silent the last few years. Never had a 'Faves List' from 2012-14 but if I did Kii would have been in the top three every year and wouldn't doubt if one of the years she took the top spot.
 When she started as a co-host for the 'ZIP!' show back in 2014 though that was a career killer and it was. But since last September she's no longer on the show and believe most of her fans are happy about that. After an extended break looks like Kii is ready to resume her acting career, to me she's one of the top actresses around and I've seen just about every drama and film she's been in.

 Last month the film "Tap: The Last Story" was released and Kii had the female lead in the movie. On July 14th the film "Gintama" was released and it's been a huge success in the two weeks since it came out. Kii wasn't in the movie though she's in the web drama which kind of continues on from where the film left off.
 The drama was also called "Gintama" and it began airing on July 15th the day after the film was released. The series only lasted for three episodes, have seen the first show and it's really one oddball show and it's kind of hard to explain. It's a period drama/film/manga yet it's also set in the present day and there's aliens and what not in it.
 Hoping the drama will be subbed, there is a version on YT but they're Indonesian subs but the raws should still be there and an episode is just 25 minutes long. Not many pics here but these are from an event Kii attended on July 13th for the show.

 Kii has only returned to work in the last few months but she's picked up where she left off as besides having the lead female role in her film she also has it in the drama. Her character's name is Mitsuba Okita and the reason she wasn't in the film was that her character Mitsuba hadn't been introduced yet. The story is based on some mangas and her character appeared later on, here's a few pics from the show which airs on the cable channel dTV.

 Kii also did quite a few interviews for the drama and she wore the same outfit for almost all of them. Here's a few pics from some of them and she still looks A-OK!

 On July 30th Kii was at a press conference for the drama and film where a question and answer session was held. As mentioned her character wasn't in the film but the man with her Ryo was in both of them and he played the role of Sogo. Plenty of extraordinary Kii pics here for you to enjoy, she may not look as sexy or exotic as others I post about but to me she beats 98% of them. After the pics check out a video of the event.