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Friday, April 29, 2016

Kasumi Arimura: Big Comic Spirits #22-23 scans

 Pic above is from her LaFlamme agency site and it's from March 4th when Kasumi had won another award for her role in the "Biri Girl" movie. Kind of a simple one but think Kasumi has reached that level where she makes even simple pics look too good to be true.
 Her latest film "I Am A Hero" opened up on April 23rd and it's first weekend finished #4 at the box office. Expected it to be higher but the figures are only from the two weekend days so perhaps adding in the take for the rest of the week may have moved it up a spot or two.
 Kasumi has four films coming out this year, the above was the second one to come. Her next one is titled "Natsumi's Firefly" which is coming out on June 11th so would think we'll continue seeing a lot of her in the coming weeks.Just have this one new Kasumi spread today which is from the May 9th issue of Big Comic Spirits. Big spread though and the last six pics are bonus ones.

 Kind of hard moving too many spots in my top ten, it's true Kasumi deserves a higher ranking then the seventh spot but moving her up means at least one needs to drop. Though wouldn't doubt if she's moved up one notch since that last list, no other new pics but a few golden oldies to help you to put her into your top ten!

C-ute: "Naze Hito wa Arasoun" news and more

 "Naze Hito wa Arasoun" is the group's 29th single and is considered a triple A-side single whatever that's supposed to mean, shouldn't every song by a group be the best one possible? First week sales for the song were 59,500 which made it the second best seller of the week on the Oricon charts. Bit of a drop from their last single which sold close to 70,000 it's first week out but 59 K is more in line with what their previous five singles sold in week one. What needs to happen is for it to have a strong second week, seems the first week accounts for about 85% of their single sales but as a rule think that's the same scenario for most J-Pop groups.
 In June the group will be having a few fan events which I think consist of a mini concert and them signing various things. Hopefully by then they'll be something new for the members to sign such as a new photobook, even a group PB would be fine with me. On April 20th, which was the date of the single's release, the group had a mini performance at Club Citta where they performed all of the songs from the single plus a few of their classic oldies.

 Not too many new things but trying to get them to that 100 post milestone and they're awful close to that number right now, should have checked before writing this as this may be #100 but think they're about two short. Maimi and Saki certainly are looking fabulous here, they're both Idols who could dress in parkas and still exude sexiness to a new level. These are from a new interview for 'Pick Up Idol' which is a part of Hustle Press, here's the site address to copy into your browser:

 Plus after these pics have a video for 'Jinsei wa Step!" which is one of the songs off the single and don't think it's been posted yet, it's also subbed in English.

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #27 and new group blog pics

 Still an Undergirl but would think Himeka will soon be joining the ranks of Senbatsu very, very soon. This is her third solo spread in the last two weeks and would think there's reasons for that, know one is that she looks quite terrific in them. Looking at those above pics wouldn't you think a photobook for her may top all of the previous ones? Just two spreads today and this first one is from the June issue of BLT.

 Kind of hard to explain but the fact that Marika rarely ever smiles is kind of oddly appealing, obviously I'm a bit odd too so perhaps.... Appears as though she needs a chess partner if you care to join her in this spread from volume 241 of UTB.

 Up until now have always posted individual pics from their blogs. However been noticing it's the same members all the time as too many do a poor job at updating their blogs while a few really put an effort into making theirs look superb. So for today have group pics instead of individual ones, will probably have a few more in this genre coming up.
 One reason some of the Undergirls haven't been updating their blogs on a regular basis is that they've been on a mini tour. Their last show was on April 23rd but after a short break they'll be back on the road, most of these pics are recent ones from their shows.