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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mariya Nagao: (too) Few recent tidbits....

 Last post of the month and had thought that there were more posts in August than any other month this year. Was wrong on that as July had one more though in a way August may have more as I'm working on two drama recaps. May take tomorrow off as there's literally zero going on the last few days but next weekend promises to be a very busy one with a huge TGC show and so many of my bigger faves will be there.
 As far as busy goes that's not a word we can use for Mariya this year as this is just her fifth post and two of them were for 2018 pics. She graduated from AKB in March 2016 and for the next 2 1/2 years Mariya was one busy gal with so many mag spreads, huge pictorials and many other activities, her acting career was going well too. But this year has been very slow for her as there's only been a handful of mag spreads and no regular dramas though she is or was in a late night show.

 But three days ago Mariya released her third photobook, besides that there's been very few activities and this may be her smallest post ever. However I'm usually wrong on those guesses and bet today has over forty pics though haven't counted them. As mentioned this has been such a slow year for Mariya mag spreads, with a new PB you would have thought she'd be in many of them to promote it but that hasn't been the case. Since April she's only appeared in two regular mags and this was one set that hadn't been posted yet from the June 4th issue of Flash.

 There's no doubt Mariya looks superb in her gravure spreads but in all honesty am getting slightly tired of them, to me they kind of all look alike and maybe she's done too may of them the past few years. So do enjoy these kinds of pics which are from the Tabiiro website, they're a travel mag and she was their 'Woman of the Month' for August.

 Here's a new spread to promote the PB which is from the September 3rd edition of Flash. Mariya's had a mini photobook for the magazine and think she has another one coming out soon, she had that on her blog though no date was mentioned.

 Today, which is August 31st, Mariya held an event for the photobook at the Book First store in Shinjuku. Not really sure what the rope tying is supposed to represent, she mentioned something about the theme of the book being about 'tying the time'(?) and/or being bound to one place, that's the store manager she tied up.

 Title of the PB is "Joshua" and the pics for it were taken in the San Diego area. Guess her books must sell well enough then as it seems current AKB members stay in the Japan area for their books, these are some promo pics for it. No recent Mariya videos so have one following the pics for a 2018 photo shoot.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Risa Watanabe: Her exalted 24th post!!!!

 Still a tight battle for this year's #1 but Risa dropped to second on the last preliminary list. One main reason is that the current number has been so incredibly busy as she's had at least one post for the past seven weeks, this isn't a huge post but many posts will certainly help your cause out. Though she's in the second spot really may consider Risa to be my #1, don't have a preference on who takes the top spot but actually would like to see her grab the honor.
 One reason there hasn't been many recent posts is because of the lack of Keya activities. It's been over six months since their last single and have heard zero about when the next one may be. Have done posts for six other members this year and just may have another one coming up soon too but what's happened to Keya as a group? Since their last single their sister group Hina has released three singles while Nogi, NMB and SKE have each put out two of them. Lack of group events too as it's been two months since the last one. What I really want to see for the next single is a new center as myself and so many other fans are just so tired of the eternal center who once again is injured and think she's the main reason for the Keya's popularity dipping a bit.

 That second above pic is another new one from Risa's first photobook, eventually will post all of the pics from the PB. Sales were solid for it as it has sold over 100,000 copies but in all honesty thought it would have sold 25,000 or more copies than the current total. Wasn't going to have this post as Risa will be attending next weekend's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show and was going to have today's pics with those but am hoping there will be more new pics this week plus as I mentioned above she does need more posts to recapture the #1 position. She usually looks so darn fabulous at those shows and the pics from a March 2018 TGC show are my all time faves from her. Know these pics have been posted before but can never get tired of looking at such perfection.

 Risa will also be at the September 28th 'Girls Award' show so hopefully can have at least two posts next month for her. These are brand new pics for the Aeon Keya credit card, actually it's the bottom four that are brand new.

 And have some recent Keya cards and as you can see the top few were for Risa's July 27th birthday. My top pics though could be the bottom ones which feature a huge Keya fave who has sadly graduated, still trying to have a post for her but it's been a while since she's done any activities.

 Of course was talking about Neru and to me a major reason for her departing was because of the eternal and talentless center. The pair seemed close to me though not nearly as close as we were led to believe in the 'Tokuyama' drama....

 I thought Risa did a fairly good job in both of Keya's dramas, would like to see the group have another one or at least see her appear in a regular drama. Many Nogi members do but can't recall any Keya members appearing solo in a series. As is the case with every Risa post have many new pics form the Non-no site and to me all of them are simply tremendous.

 The last few Risa posts have had some oldie mag spreads but no need to have one for today as she does have a new superb mag spread, these are some bonus pics for it....

.... as Risa is the cover girl for the September 10th issue of Flash. Naturally the pics are second to none but since the PB came out over four months ago she hasn't had any gravure spreads which is okay as she's never had any except to promote the PB yet I've always thought she's looked amazing. No recent videos but do have a newish CM following the pics for Aeon.