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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nogizaka46: Mai and Miona at the TGC Spring/Summer show plus a new mag spread, cards and more!

 Hope I won't disappoint anyone but the Mai referred to in the title is Shinuchi. She's one member I wish could have so many more pics for in these posts, as of today have made a vow to have a few things for her in almost every group post. Now that my #1 is gone as of today wonder who my new number one Nogi member will be?
 Kind of thinking one of the pair that are in the title, then again it's not extremely important to have a number one member. Reason I didn't do that 'Nogi/Keya top twenty' list is because of the graduations, will still try to do one for this year but let's wait for things to die down a bit as it wouldn't shock any of us if there are more impending ones.

 The last Nogi top ten list had the pair above in it along with one other who just announced her departure, when will it end? Don't think Mai will be graduating any time soon, though she's the oldest Nogi member at 27 years old things have been going well for her. Her 'All Night Nippon' radio show is doing very well and has also been signed to be an exclusive model with two companies.

 It's been a while since there's been a 'pairs post' so forget who exactly has been a duo in them. Have a feeling I haven't included Mai as to me these two make for the best Nogi pairing, just hope she doesn't listen to any graduation advice.

 Am planning on having a Misa farewell post around April 10th. The day before she has a stage play that's opening, hope the post is just a farewell from Nogi and not her final one. So far every name mentioned in this post begins with the letter M. Granted it's only been three so far but over the years Nogi has had close to twenty members whose name begins with that letter, could make a decent top ten list just with those gals. Here's another member with that letter who is Mizuki, haven't seen her too often lately in these group posts. There's going to be another season of 'Video Girl: Ai' but haven't decided if I'll be viewing it, these are some recent group cards. Mentioned that show as she'll have the lead role in it.

 On to the mag spread mentioned, like yesterday's it's quite huge which why there's just going to be the one for today. It's from the January/February edition of CM Now which has Asuka on the cover. The past two years she's won an award for being the Idol who has appeared on the most magazine covers, think Asuka has the lead for this year too.

 She wasn't the only member to be featured in the mag as there's many group pics.

 On to the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show pics and there's still three members to get to, will do so during the week. More Mai who was at the show representing 'Andgirl' which is one of the new fashion companies which has recently signed her to be an exclusive model for them. Also on hand was Miona who was there for the ar magazine, even dressed down a bit these two just look so fabulous. The show was held at the Pacifico Arena in Yokohama, there were 31,800 fans in attendance. If you've never seen one of Mai's 'All Night Nippon' shows have a video of one after the pics, it's a regular video and not just an audio one.