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Monday, February 29, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #17 and new blog pics

 The group premiered their new single on last week's Music Station show but think that's been their only time performing the song. It's coming out on March 23rd so think we'll be hearing it way too many times between now and then, have only heard a condensed version of the song but really would like to hear the whole thing soon. Should check YT but would think any full length versions would be taken down rather quickly, sounded okay but not as good as their previous singles but then again that's from only hearing that condensed version.
 Only two mag spreads for today but there have been quite a few of them recently, figure at this pace there's a chance for a total of 100 posts for the year as far as their mag spreads go. Minami starts us off with this set from WPB #11, the actual spread is only three pics and the ones after those are bonus pics. At the bottom are new blog pics, was just at the group's blog site and was surprised how few entries Minami has done as I think there's only three so far for this year.

 It's been only two months but Asuka easily has the most solo spreads of any member and think her total may top all of the other member's combined total. Fine set here from Weekly Shonen Champion #12 for March 3rd.

 Been expanding my horizons lately as I've been checking all of the member's blogs out, used to be I'd check only about a 1/3 of them. With five pics each here are two old timers who are Sayuri and Manatsu, all of her pics were posted today.

 Noticed that the Undergirls tend do so many more blog posts, no doubt to trying to raise their popularity. Yuri has been around for a while but just can never break into the Senbatsu lineup, following her is Himeka who has become much popular lately and think she was a bit disappointed at not being on the A-side of the new single.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

C-ute: February 2016 cards and "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" video

 While C-ute doesn't come close to selling the most singles they certainly lead the J-Pop world in one thing and that's cards from H!P. Could have posted many more but will hold off a few days as for this post we'll have the cards for the two February birthday members who were Saki and Maimi.
 Saki turned 22 on February 5th while two days later Maimi turned 24, they're both so young but have been a member of various H!P groups for well over a decade. Have 13 pics of each for them and no reason for that number, few of the cards have a b-day message from the member.

 Also made a promise a while back to include a C-ute video for their posts to maybe increase their popularity, to me they put out the most enjoyable music. Earlier was playing their 2013 album "Queen of J-Pop" which was their 8th album and a really superb listen. The big single off it was "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" which reached #3 on the Oricon charts. After all these cards have a live video from 2013 of the group performing the tune.