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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Marie Iitoyo: And you thought a week was going....

 .... to go by without a post for her!!!! Well, that hasn't happened in a while and hopefully not for another month or so. This makes six consecutive weeks with a Marie post, she holds the record with ten and am kind of shocked that there is a long streak going because of the huge slowdown. Marie is someone who appears at so many events so naturally thought there wouldn't be many posts for her. Glad I was wrong with that thought and luckily she does many other kinds of activities. Will admit I do try harder creating posts for her but you still need many new pics for a post and every one lately has had at least forty new ones and today's should too. It won't become a tradition but she's had the final post for a month twice in a row.
 Marie currently is running away for being my #1 on this year's faves list though there are seven months to go before I begin it. But am a bit worried about a few other huge faves of mine who made last year's list as they've been so inactive recently which is understandable. But #'s 3, 5, 9 and 11 have had only one post between them since the beginning of March and hope they can qualify as you need six posts to be eligible.
 One other thing I've been contemplating is raising the age requirement to be introduced. In 2017 raised it to nineteen, then the following two years raised it again for both years so now you need to be 21 to be introduced if you've had no posts. Am really considering on making the age limit 22 as of now, every year I and you viewers get a year older so why shouldn't the gals I post about? Ten days ago introduced someone who is 21 but will be 22 very soon, have a feeling she'll be the final female that age who will be introduced but anyone who is 20 or 21 will continue to have posts. There's plenty of older gals to post about so why do I need to post about women so young?

 No age concerns with Marie and lately she's appeared to be a few years older as her modeling pics are so mature plus she's finally playing characters in the 22-25 age range. Too often have griped that there's not enough Marie mag spreads but then again that may not be so accurate. Seeing as how she has a post almost every week it's impossible to have a new spread that often, usually she has one or two regular sized ones a month. However this two page spread is definitely not regular sized in the least and is from the June issue of Maquia.

 But do have an older spread which I had never seen before which is from Bon Mariage and as you can see by the cover that's how they spell it. She used to do a lot of work for them but no longer, do recall her at an event for them plus had a few CM's.

 Really enjoyed Marie's last drama, recapped the entire series and gave it a rating of 8.8/10. Her new one "Kaseifu no Mitazono" began last Friday and seems like another enjoyable show. However the first episode wasn't subbed and have no clue if the show will be. Some dramas really need subs, this one does but managed to understand most of what happened.
 Her character's name is Hikaru who works for a house cleaning company. The main character is Mizatono who is a man dressed as a woman and is so gung ho about cleaning. Think the pair will eventually join forces but in this first episode they met for the first time. Hikaru is really impressed with the 'woman' who helped solve a potential crisis involving a politician and his family. Lot of minor details I couldn't make out with no subs but I still had a good time viewing it and would think this is a series that will be subbed or at least I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it to happen.

 Marie's last post was just a week ago, of course it was as I've mentioned a few times she's had one for six straight weeks. But am pleasantly surprised how many terrific modeling pics have come out in the last seven days with this first batch being from the More site.

 The Oggi site had fourteen(!) new pics this last week and I think Marie looks so mature for the mag, hopefully she'll be appearing in their June issue and her spreads for them are quite large. She's an exclusive model for them and the company above.

 Only four pics but had missed them back in December which was for an interview with the Get News site for the .....

 .... "Shiraisan" film, in English it means Stare. The film came out on January 10th and Marie had the lead role in the movie and think it's her first horror film. Good news just came out about the film as it's coming out on DVD June 3rd and it's a movie I really want to view.

 The first screening for the film took place on December 12th, did a post for it back then but many of these pics weren't in that post. Marie looked oki doki of course and I also like her co-star quite a bit, she hasn't had a post for a while but will try to work on one. Have been noticing there hasn't been many new CM's or promo videos as of late, wonder if they've been affected too? So after the pics have a terrific trailer for the film.