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Friday, May 31, 2013

Emi Takei: Otemki Oneesan episode 7 screenshots and recap

 Two stories for the last episode, to be honest the crime case that needed to be solved and of course was by Haruko(Emi) wasn't enough of a mystery and it actually took away from the second story that was going on.

 The case revolved around a politician who was found dead in the bathroom of his mistress, it appeared as though he died from being electrocuted but the cause was actually a drowning. Haruko used her weather wisdom to deduce that because it had been lightning out the night before electricity had built up in the water and when he was going to the bathroom somehow the water had retained the electricity and he collapsed from the charge. However he wasn't dead but his wife had followed him and while he was still groggy had pushed his head into the toilet and drowned him. Haruko didn't figure out that it was the wife who had committed the murder, she actually confessed to it before the really investigated what could have happened, to be honest this was a boring case and could have been skipped, really didn't add much to the episode.

 At the end of episode 6 one of Haruko's co-workers on the morning news had been stalked by an ex-boyfriend who had just been hired by the station, the announcer Akane went to Haruko for help but for some strange reason Haruko declined to help her, never came out why. Haruko knew though that there was something very sinister about Akane's stalker but didn't tell anyone, shortly after all this Akane was kidnapped by the ex-boyfriend and he was planning a double suicide for them if she wouldn't marry him. Well of course she wouldn't but even though tied up she managed to escape and luckily for her Haruko had told her detective friend Aoki about the kidnap and both were there to save her, what really saved her was a lightning bolt hitting the tree the stalker was under leaving him quite hurt but he somehow managed to survive.

 All in all an okay episode, not as interesting nor suspenseful as some of the previous shows but it was still an enjoyable watch as every show has been to date in this series. Not sure if there's 3 or 4 episodes left, but one thing that needs to come out is a bit about Haruko's past, she has some deep mystery about her and think it'll eventually come out, seems as though her younger days were not pleasant ones. As we always do here's some screenshots of Emi from this episode, nay make it easier to follow as I don't like to give away every single thing that happened in a show.

Erena Ono: 2013 magazine scans #1

 Another newbie here as we're really raiding the vaults, Erena was always among my faves when she was in AKB, was a real shame when she left and you did hear a bit about her but not as much. However she's been much more active these last few months, she currently has the lead role in the Tank Top Fighter late night drama and also has a new single coming out on June 29th. Have a few mag spreads here, not all that many but Erena really makes up for the lack of quantity with some terrific quality, starting off are these from the April 30th issue of Weekly Ascii.

 Weekly Playboy #21.

 June issue of BLT.

  Young Magazine #25.

To end off this spread was from last year but is just a really incredible set of pics, from the October 26, 2012 issue of Young Gangan.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Erika Toda: New CM for GREE and some info on her upcoming drama

 This news from earlier this week sort of came out of the blue but it's some great news as Erika has a new drama starting up in July called Summer Nude.... if only! Also with her in the series will be Yamashita, it'll be their fourth drama together and also Karina is starring in it, her and Erika were both in the 2007 show Love & Farm, here's some good info from the Jdrama Weblog site:

Summer Nude
Date: From 9.00 p.m. Mondays, July 2013
Station: Fuji TV
Cast: Yamashita Tomohisa, Toda Erika, Karina
Synopsis: Mikuriya Asahi (Yamashita Tomohisa) is a photographer who works at a small photo studio in a seaside town. He used to dream of becoming famous as a professional photographer but is now a cameraman only roped in for local wedding ceremonies and school functions. Asahi has not got over his ex-girlfriend Kasumi who suddenly left him without a reason three years ago and continues to wait for her even now. One day, Chiyohara Natsuki (Karina) shows up in front of Asahi. Natsuki is a manager at a popular Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Asahi happens to witness the moment when Natsuki’s beloved boyfriend leaves her on the eve of their wedding and even captures that crucial instant on film. Their acquaintance unfortunately starts off on the worst possible footing. And a broken-hearted Natsuki ends up spending this summer in the seaside town where Asahi lives. She uses her background as a professional chef to look after a seaside shop which Asahi’s senior runs. Although Asahi and Natsuki met in the worst way, the two hurt souls are quickly brought closer. Then there is Asahi’s high school junior Taniyama Hanae (Toda Erika). The two of them have had an inseparable relationship since high school and are usually able to speak their mind with each other. Although Hanae is closest to Asahi and has always loved him, he takes no notice of her. While Hanae understands that he is still waiting for his ex-girlfriend, she only has eyes for him. Hanae’s feelings are painfully one-sided and cannot trump his old love … …

 Also a new CM for GREE came out today, wish she was alone in it but that wasn't the case as Sanma joins her in it, some screenshots from it followed by the video.