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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Saeko Kondo: Her highly anticipated "EX-Taishu" mini digital photobook


 Was able to squeeze one final post in for this month, could have done this last week but was hoping for some new things which never did happen. Then again did do a BababaBambi group post a few days ago for their 2023 calendar which had many terrific newish Saeko photos. This is her fifth overall post, fourth for the 'Nao Year' so it appears she'll qualify for the yearly faves list. I like Saeko quite a bit, of the seven members in the group I'd have her ranked third as far as fave members go. However you viewers haven't taken a liking towards Saeko as her posts haven't drawn all that many views which does surprise me to an extent. Hoping it's a case of it taking a while for her to acquire some fans here and in a few months when I look at the stats the amount of views for her posts will have doubled(!) which is a common occurrence. 

 Like so many J-Pop Idols Saeko is much older than she looks, on July 1st she'll be hitting the age of 26 and by one day is the second oldest member of the group. Was hoping there would be a new mag spread or something else from Saeko to add into this post but that wasn't to be but least the pics will rate an A++++. This batch is from from he group's Twitter site as she doesn't update her IG page these days, first three pics are from the photo shoot for the digital book.

 Saeko is the third member to have a digital book for the EX-Taishu magazine, all have been fabulous but wish they contained more photos. This set was released on March 17th and has a total of 49 pics, the book has the title of "Sumire ga saita". There's at least one upcoming mag spread for BababaBambi so there will be at least one group post next month and hopefully another for Saeko.