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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #1- Masami Nagasawa

 Will try to keep this brief as it's probably anti-climatic who #1 was going to be, did give a few spoilers on who it was going to be recently plus if you've been a frequent visitor here then it's no mystery who I(we) bow to. Plus it is that one in a year eve so this will be the only post, still have four hours until 2016 where I am  but if you're in Japan where most of my viewers are then it's been the new year for over eight hours.
 Seeing as this is the final post for the top ten for those of you that enjoy stats here's a few of them. The average age of all of them is 26 years and two months, have mentioned that I do prefer them a tad older. The oldest was born in 1986, the youngest in 1993 with June being the most common month as four were born then including tonight's honoree. And in a strange tidbit eight of their first names end in the letter I, the -mi ending is so common in Japan. And finally for the stats here are the amount of views each of the winner's posts have received from highest to lowest:

#3- Yuko, 390.... wonder if she would have run away with a poll here if there was one?
#5- Mirei, 218
#4- Nanami, 201
#6- Tsubasa, 192
#10- Manami, 180
#9- Gakky, 178
#7- Kii, 135
#8- Miori, 105
#2- Saki, 96.... am I her only fan left?!
#1 after two days.... 151!

 On to the easy choice for #1 which of course is Masami but actually if you read a post from yesterday you could say she's number 1B. Really slow year for her, by far her slowest as she didn't appear in any dramas and only one film which was filmed in 2013. But Masami will never let us forget her., though she was way too quiet when she did appear at a promo event, premiere or awards show she simply had everyone's jaw dropping.

 Think I may start putting all those events from the past few years into a few posts, when Masami appears at a premiere, festival or whatever she just looks so incredible. Check out that 'featured post of the day' for perhaps her best pics ever which were from the "Umimachi Diary" premiere back in June. Then again my fave Masami pics may be from the Golden Horse Film Festival which took place in November of 2012, no descriptions are needed....wow wow wow wow....

 Well, this isn't turning out to be as brief as I was planning on so will try to wrap it up in this paragraph(s). Masami now has 210 posts here, would imagine the average post has 25-30 pics in them and quite a few have close to fifty so we're talking at least 6,000 pics here so there's not much left to post about. Granted some of the pics are dupes but even if 25% are that's still between 4.500 and 5,000 pics of Masami here, that's kind of an incredible number but to be honest wish there twice as many.
 Nothing really new to talk about, Masmai will be in a Taiga drama starting in January but seeing as how they run for close to 50 episodes will pass on it. Also she'll be in a film called "I am a Hero" which will be coming out in April, doesn't have the lead role but looks to be the second biggest part. That about wraps things up for the top ten, was thinking about doing a post for those who would have been ranked 11-20, not sure if there's ten other big faves I can think of though. To end off of course we have some truly pics of perfection of Masami, think a lot of the top ones are new for here and following them are two breathtaking videos

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Haruna Kojima: 2011 mag scans and videos

 To me the cliche 'Out of sight, out of mind' is one of the wiser ones as it's so true, when I don't see anything new from someone for a long time I tend to forget about them. But thanks to AKF for jogging my memory about Haruna, it's not that I forgot about her but there honestly has been so little to post about her this year. Think this is her first post in about ten months, I really do like her and wish there was more to post about her but do have her four photobooks here along with most of her mag spread since 2013.
 No mag spreads from 2011 or earlier so thought if there's nothing new let's post some oldies which aren't here. Kind of surprised Haruna is still in AKB, she set a new record a few months back as she's now the oldest member ever in the group as she'll be turning 28 in April. She does keep hinting at graduating but obviously so far hasn't though I wouldn't doubt if it happens sometime next year.
Have four spreads here today from 2011 and all are certified jaw-dropping, especially this first one from issue #1756 of Anan.

 More breathtaking Haruna pics from WPB #40, as mentioned above her four photobooks are posted here but why doesn't she have more of them?

 These spreads are so fabulous she's doing a disservice to the universe by not appearing in as many new ones, this set is from the April issue of Entame.

 Final spread is from the May issue of Entame, looks like a continuation of the above issue. After the pics check out two really scintillating videos of Haruna, wow wow wow wow....