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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Marie Iitoyo: Will once again be last....


.... to have a post for a month, there's no way she'd be last in any thing I could think of! Marie isn't much of a Halloween gal but she's certainly given us(me) many more treats this year than tricks! Was thinking you have to feel for the youngsters this year as it is kind of a 'kids day'. Had been out for a while and only saw one girl with her mother out in a costume and they were probably going to a party as trick or treating was cancelled where I am and bet most places. Kind of makes you wonder why as children are a much lower risk for catching anything plus most are masked in their costumes, shame nobody will be knocking at the door this year. Not going to help the waistline either as who else is going to gobble down all of Nao's special treats?! Hmmmm, then again if someone was to feed them to me too for I know she has me eating out of her hand....

 On to more semi serious things and for the fifth time this year Marie will have the last post of a month. Have done that because I often take the first day of a month off which will be happening tomorrow, that way her post can be the lead off one for two straight days. Just missed setting the new high for most posts in a month, think I missed by one. Could have tied the high which is 74 posts as there is one drama recap finished but wanted to have another for the same series which hasn't even been started.

 Speaking of posts this is Marie's 86th and have only ben posting about her for a tad over three years, doubt if anyone has had as many solo posts as she has in that span. So with fourteen she'll hit the one hundred mark which may not seem like many but it really is a milestone. No actress has hit the mark in over three years and my prediction is that it'll be hit sometime next March. Also two more posts are needed to set a record for most in a year and that'll be happening easily. Though I did mention that many who will be making this year's faves list won't have too many posts next month in order to save their pics for the 'list post' will be having just as many Marie posts as usual. There is no actress/model who does as many activities as she does so never worry about having new pics for her.

 Before I forget that second pic at the top is the oldest one ever I've had in a Marie post, it's from the October 26, 2014 T-Spook show/concert. Her last post was just five days ago yet have close to forty new pics plus some oldies which have never been posted before. On November 3rd Marie's next drama begins and once again she has the lead role, hope it's not a case again where it won't be subbed. Title is "The Fate, I Will Deliver: True Story of Mercari" and I'm looking forward to it. The series will run for six episodes and it's a late night show beginning at 1:00 am on MBS. Here's the link to the drama's site which has some videos plus it has an English language version: Drama site

 Wonder if there will be an event for it, she was at a recent mini one but really miss seeing my fave actresses attending events. So obviously that means no new pics in that vein for today so once again let's go back in time to August 8, 2019. On that date there was an event held for "The Flowers of Evil" film that came out on September 27th. Did do a post for it back then but found a few new terrific pics that weren't in that post.

 Just occurred to me that Marie wasn't at the September 5th 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show, wonder why as she always appeared at those huge shows. Only a few new pics from the More site and forgot to check if her November spread was in this week's other post, if not will have it in her next one.

 Don't really need that spread for today as there are two new fabulous ones. That's always been my minor beef is that Marie doesn't appear in enough mags but upon further reflection perhaps she does and they just can't keep up with the huge amount of posts she has! This super set though too small is from the December edition of Maquia.

 Am holding back the December issue of Oggi spread for her next post, that's a huge one at seventeen pages. But have their November issue here and for the third time this year Marie was their cover girl.

 Will be ending off with these beyond perfect pics from the Oggi site, some will be in that December issue spread but these are 'clean versions'. All of the pics are just too splendid to describe but those bottom ones of Marie are among her best ever and is there any questions remaining on why she'll be this year's #1 fave? After the pics is a newish CM for Ashirra Sheet which features a new tune from Bish and also a behind the scenes segment.