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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tsubasa Honda: 28th Tokyo International Film Festival pics

 Haven't heard too much since the "Koinaka" drama ended in September but Tsubasa does have a new film coming out on November 7th called "Terminal". Hopefully we'll see more of her the next week or so then promoting the film which had it's first premiere today, more on that below. First pics are of Tsubasa on October 22nd at the opening ceremony for the 28th 'TIFF'.

 October 31st the Film Festival came to a close and that's when the 'Terminal" movie was screened. Tsubasa really looked ultra superb at the screening which took place at the TOHO Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. No video of the screening has been released yet but after the pics have the film's trailer. Speaking of pics that second one below of Tsubasa is hard to beat, then again most of her pics are hard to beat!

Nogizaka46: October 2015 blog pics #1

 First off are some more ghoulish cards for Halloween.

 Not a huge fan of blog pics but every now and again they make for a nice change of pace, sometimes the pics are really superb. This is the first post mainly dedicated to the member's blog pics, have had some of them before but have always put them in a solo post for that member. Will try to do more of these in the future as I try to expand a bit, figured there's almost everything else about the group here so why not blog pics. All of the members have their own blog, some do an excellent job updating it while others are kind of poor at it.
 For today will have four members who tend to update quite often and all of these pics are from October entries, first off are the pics from Erika's blog. For those who don't know about the member's blogs type/copy this address in your browser: blog.nogizaka46.com. That will bring to the main page and on the right hand side are pics of all the members, just click on their pic to go to their blog.

 Easily the best updated blog belongs to Marika, she does an entry most days. All these pics are form the last two weeks but actually could have posted so many more from that period, her blog s really worth checking out.

 Minami also does a very good job at keeping her blog updated with news and pics. The bottom four pics were posted today as the group was getting ready to perform their Halloween concert.

 Last member for the day is Misa who like the above members also does a solid job in keeping us updated on things. Actually a few other members do an okay job with their blog and they'll be featured in the next post for blog pics.