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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Iori Sagara: Her scorching second 'Young Jump' digital photobook and a bit more....


 Sometimes my predictions are right on the money and here's one of those rarities! Had a feeling Iori would become a quick fave of you viewers and also from those who recall her from Nogi. Iori's first post is currently the fifth most viewed one for the past month, she had a second post done last week which has also been popular. So this makes three posts for her and next Sunday will have her fourth and final recent digital book. But that won't be the end of posts for Iori as there are a couple of other magazine scans that I will have plus some other odds and ends such as modeling pics and her appearance at a 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show.

 Can't call Iori a newbie as she was featured in many older Nogi group posts but these last three have been her first ever solo ones. She just may be my most pleasant surprise of the year as I never knew she was so hot, wow!!!!!!! This will be the same as Iori's first two posts, a bit simple with not too many different things but there are a total of seventy pics. First off are these pics from her IG page, all are from August as that's when the book was released and I really like that first photo.

 Have one magazine spread for today that's from the September 7th issue of Young Jump that was promoting the book. 

 Iori is also an actress, she hasn't done too much this year but will be in a play opening in October. On to the digital book that was released on August 24th by the Young Jump magazine, she looks so overly hot and wonder if a regular photobook is in the works? There's 47 pics in this set and after them check out a must watch video of Iori from the photo shoot.