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Monday, December 31, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2019 Magazine scans #1 and more.... final post for 2018....

 Hmmm, wonder why she's pouting as nobody had more posts for 2018 than she did or perhaps it's because it wasn't another solo one for her....

 Was thinking about ending off the year with a non-Nogi post but really couldn't do that as they are by far the most popular gals here. For a while it seemed as though they had lost many fans here but that's certainly changed the last few months. On the right hand side is a feature called 'Most viewed posts for the past thirty days' and they currently have seven of those posts.
 Lot of special TV music shows air the last week of a year along with some awards shows, seemed Nogi appeared on just about every one of them. Have plenty of pics of those shows coming up and there's little doubt that 2018 was Nogi's biggest year to date. They sold the second highest amount of singles and albums plus they easily sold the most photobooks of any Idol group, when you're at the top of the heap like they are where else is there to go? Hope it's just a coincidence but seems the group hit their zenith of popularity after everyone's(my) fave departed....

 Hmmmm, seems as time goes on the more I'm missing her.... 😒

 Speaking of photobooks Sayuri's first one has been doing quite well. It was #1 on the charts in it's first week out and was second in week two with total sales around 41,000 copies sold. Hinako's first PB came out four days ago and really curious how many copies it sold, numbers for that come out on Thursdays. It appears to be Nogi's best PB of the year though it was very strange there was only one mag spread promoting it. Erika's second PB comes out in exactly three weeks and bet it has an excellent shot to be the #1 seller of 2019.

 First off for TV appearances for today took place on December 29th. It was for the rehearsal for this year's 'Kohaku' music show and an off the cuff mini group performed. As you can see two Nogi members along with two Keya gals were together along with one each from HKT and AKB, sure by now everyone knows all of their names. The sextet performed the tune "Hyoutako Gourd Island" and hope I got the title correct. They didn't perform it at the main show but think the segment was shown on a special NHK children's show. Not going to bother having any of the videos for these TV appearances as they seem to get deleted too quickly.

 Next Nogi post will have many more pics from the 69th NHK 'Kohaku' show that airs the night of December 31st, hoping if I wait a week there may be a video of their performances.

 The big story though for Nogi took place on December 30th at the 60th 'Japan Record Awards' show. Last year the group took the Grand Prix prize which is for best song of the year, they won it with their "Influencer" single. Once again the group took home the top award and for this year the "Synchronicity" single was judged to be the song of the year. Second time this has happened in the history of the awards, back in 2011-12 AKB won it two years in a row. They were up for the award too but once again Nogi left them lying in the dust.... 😈

 As mentioned in the last group post Nogi will be at the next 'TGC' show which will take place on January 12th. Expect a few posts for the show and will also have some for the Keya members who for some reason will have more gals there than Nogi.

 No on to a few mag spreads and as the title says this is the first one for 2019 though have had many sets in the member's solo posts. These first two though may be the final ones for 2018 and this here is from the November issue of Bomb. It features the Undergirl Kotoko who we rarely see these days. That's a shame as I really like her quite a bit and she does have such an attractive face, think her main problem is that she's such a quiet girl as she rarely says much on their variety shows. Always thought she was around 22 or so in age but checked and she just turned twenty in August.

 The other spread from 2018 is from the December 28th issue of Friday. Small set with just four pages which has some outtake pics from Sayuri's first PB and kind of glad she's finally getting much more attention, she's easily Nogi's biggest Sentai fan. She actually has two spreads as after the four pics is another set of seven pages which is from volume seven of Platinum Flash.

 Here's a pairing I've never seen before who are Asuka and the other Sayuri. This set is from volume one for 2019 from TV Guide and why haven't the members done another drama together?

 Weren't too many spreads for today but so many mags combine their first four issues of a year so they don't start coming out on a regular basis until mid-January. Sure we'll be seeing Erika in so many mags for the next month as her second PB will be coming out in three weeks. This final set for today is from the January 14th edition of Friday, the second pic is one you'll be seeing often here and it could be one of Nogi's top pics of all time or perhaps even #1!!!!