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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Keyakizaka46: Neru Nagahama “Kokokara” photobook scans

 With first week sales of 97,660 "Kokokara" is second all time in sales to Mai's "Passport" PB which sold 103,500 in it's first week. Going to be hard to top her overall sales that stand at about 250,000 but should easily beat the sales figures for Asuka's and Nanase's books which are both over 135,000. Bet no one saw those impressive sales coming which should be well over 100,000 now, it's good to see nice things happen to the better people and think Neru is definitely one of them.
 Neru came so close to not being a member of Keya due to her parents as they were hoping she would choose college over an Idol career, looks like the right decision was made. Know it pales a bit in comparison but Rika's first PB has sold extremely well in it's three weeks out with sales getting close to 50,000. With the two books selling so well you'd have to presume that there will be a few more from Keya coming in 2018, there's a couple of members I'd love to see have one.

 This will be the final post of the year and though it'll take a while wouldn't doubt if this ends up being the most viewed post of 2017, hope so as it's such a fabulous set of pics. Neru hails from Nagasaki which is where the pics for the photobook were taken. The jaw-dropping beach pics were taken on the nearby island of Goto.
 Not much more to add and don't know if the stats will back it up but seems Keya had more posts then anyone the second half of the year and that includes Nogi. Besides the impressive sales for this PB the group also has had some tremendous sales for 2017 as four of their singles were in the top eighty while their first album was in the top ten. On to the pics and bet Neru surprised many with how magnificent she looked at the beach, her popularity is so sky high now shouldn't she be the center for Keya's next single?