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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #40

 Being demoted to an Undergirl isn't the end of the world for Marika but just a bit surprised at the timing as she'll be appearing in her second film "Anniversary" which comes out in October 22nd. Sure we'll see plenty of her in mags or at promo events leading up to the film's release date but we would see so much more of her had she remained a Senbatsu. Marika had the lead role in her previous film 'Eyes" which naturally was a horror film.
 Looks like no second season will be happening for the 'Bemars' drama, shame as I thought that first season was quite enjoyable though overly corny. Actually no dramas are planned at all for the group, guess their busy schedule doesn't give them enough time to film one.
 May have to slow down on these Nogi posts as this must be their 10th one in the last few days and I actually could have done a few more than that. Three new mag spreads today, this being the 40th post for this year puts us a bit ahead of last year's pace and to lead off we have Nanase from Brody #6.

 Hina is someone who you rarely hear about and honestly can't recall seeing her in a big spread but that's what she has here which is from the August issue of UTB.

 Final set of pics is for Sayuri, another one demoted to an Undergirl and these are from the new special Flash issue 'Best of 2016'.

Nogizaka46: TV Tokyo 'Tokyo Music Festival' screenshots and video from June 29th

 The group's second photobook now has a title which is "1 Jikan Okure no I Love You", release date for it is August 5th. Hopefully there will be a few, uh er, more revealing pics than the first PB.

 The new PB now has a title but can't say the same for their 15th single which is scheduled to come out in less than a month from now. Wonder what the wait is for because until there's a title it's a little harder to promote it plus the group can't perform it on any music shows.
 However the gals did appear on a music show last night, TV Tokyo's 'Tokyo Music Festival', it was a four hour show! That's also the title of a series of concerts that will be held next month so think this show was promoting that festival as the groups on the show ill be there including Nogi. The group has played this song quite a few times on TV which is "Kikkake", it's one of their newer tunes off their second album. Plenty of screenshots here from the performance plus after them check out a video of them doing the sing and think it's a video that should stay up in YT.