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Monday, October 30, 2023

Mion Mukaichi: Her legendary and sweltering.... "Munasawagi no Shoutai" photobook scans!!!!


 Final post for October and am going out with a bang! Usually begin off a month with a photobook such as this one but it'll be the first post you'll see for two days so sure most won't miss it. This is it for my cache of Idol photobooks and while all for 2023 have been tremendous seems there hasn't been as many as previous years. I only follow AKB loosely these days and it's mainly because there are some members who I do like a lot. And Mion would near the top of that small list and is she so difficult to do posts for! Back in 2018 did a regular post with mag spreads and other activities thinking they would continue. Sadly that wasn't the case as a post for Mion this July was her first since that intro post! Was reading some articles and this photobook had her first gravure pics since 2018(!) so though I kept searching for things to post about Mion there really wasn't all that much.

 Did say it appeared there weren't as many Idol books in 2023 compared to previous years but will say almost all have been overly superb! To me Mion's PB just may be #1 for the year and makes you wonder why hasn't she been appearing in magazines the past five years? This book was released on July 20th and it was right around Mion's tenth anniversary of joining AKB, that happened when she was fifteen in age and at the end of January will be celebrating her 26th birthday. Mion is the overall captain for the the '48' groups though have wondered what positions like that mean. Most of the book's photo shoots took place in Okinawa and at 150 cm doesn't she pack so much onto a tiny frame?! There's a total of 98 pics in the book which is a lot but the last two years books from Hina, Keya and Nogi are often close to 150. Sales for the book were just so-so and that's the case for most AKB members these days as it sold about 11,000 copies in it's first two weeks out. Not a bad total but it does pale compared to the books from the three groups mentioned. Enough blabbering and on to the pics, Mion just looks so ultra sultry and hope this isn't the end of her gravure pics.