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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Akari Suda: Who better to end March off with!!!!


 Usually take the final day of a month off but will switch it around and take the first day of a month off which is tomorrow. Hopefully won't have to do that for Tuesday also as I have literally nothing else to post about which does happen on occasion and even this post was a struggle though one I did enjoy creating. For the longest time, perhaps two years, would begin off a month with a terrific photobook and usually one from a '46/48 member. However the books from those groups have really slowed down the past year, between the three '46' groups were there even ten books in 2023?

 Er, um, gulp.... sure a few of us have done that same thing too!!!! These days when I'm in dire need of a post can often depend on Akari πŸ˜ to save the day, at one time that would have seemed impossible. This makes it her ninth post since December 1st and also her fourth for March, will admit I work ten times as hard on her posts than most other women. So Akari for now is looking good as far as retaining that 'Queen Crown' as she could be my #1 fave for the second year in a row but would like to see a few challenge her. So even though this is Akari's fourth post for March still have about 45 new pics for today, maybe even more and some older ones make the grand total close to seventy but sadly don't know if they will garner her any more new fans and she does need some here.

 Have a little bit of many things for today and will begin off with some older SKE cards. Been doing batches of monthly cards though will be a bit early as these are for April and Akari looks so stupendous in those first few. Most cards have been for SKE singles and I've rarely posted those so they'll be ones you'll be seeing more of in the future.

 In Akari's last post had many photos from an event that was held on March 23rd in Nagoya, she comes from nearby Aichi. The occasion was 'Kizuna Day' to celebrate the coming of Spring but it was also to commemorate the 2011 earthquake and the bond between Nagoya and the city of Rikuzentakata which is a very small city but quake had much damage done to it. Have even more new pics from that event and it couldn't have been Spring quite yet with the way she was dressed(!), it took place at the Higashiyama Botanical Garden.

 Akari may not be all that bodacious compared to gravure models or other Idols but very few have topped her magazine spreads over the last dozen years. Hard to say what her top spread has been though it just may have been from the November 2021 issue of Bubka. Did post some dazzling pics from the photo shoot such as these....

 .... but have worked on getting even more from the photo shoot which is this batch. Some were screenshots from some mini videos Akari posted at her IG page, still hard to believe she's never had a regular video from any of her gravure photo shoots.

 Last November 1st Akari released her second essay boom which was titled "Ganko". It was an impressive seller as it was in the top ten for sales it's first three weeks out selling over 5,000 copies. About 1/3 of the book featured photos and many were gravure ones, this spread from the October 17th issue of SPA! featured outtake pics from the book. Am posting the spread again for a new video came out today from the photo shoot.... that third pic to me is just so tremendous....

 After this final batch of pics have that new video which was just uploaded to her YT channel a few hours ago. Did mention that Akari for some odd reason has had no videos of her photo shoots but there is a gravure segment in this new video that begins at the 5:30 mark and it's one all fans need to view. Most of the time end off Akari posts with new pics from her IG page and will do the same for today. Not a huge amount as her last post was done just a week ago and you will notice an ex-Morning Musume member in the second to last pic.