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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' #18....?

 Was a tough choice for this spot as I had three faves in mind, you can see who the winner was but sadly the other two didn't make the cut for the top twenty. Actually it shouldn't have come down to being this close for Kasumi as she's been one of my faves for a while but just hasn't made that leap into becoming a huge fave. Up until about June thought she'd make the top ten, since then she's been very quiet except for one promo appearance and a film premiere.

 No doubt the biggest reason for the quietness has been because Kasumi has started filming the asadora "Hiyokko". The drama doesn't start until next April but there are so many episodes the filming on it has to start very early. Also she'll be in four(!) movies next year so that's probably another reason we haven't heard as much from her as usual.
 Sure that will change once the new year begins as Kasumi for the last four or so years has been one of the busiest actresses around, very rare for her to go long stretches without a peep from her. Looks like 2017 will be the first year since 2011 when there's no new calendar from her or at least checking the sites that sell them haven't seen one.

 As you can see that calendar is from last year, it is only November 30th so perhaps the one for next year is just going to be a bit late. As I've mentioned there haven't been too many Kasumi happenings as of late, seems like they were nonstop the first half of the year. Do have two new mag spreads though with the first one being way too small from the December issue of Biteki.

 Another fine set of Kasumi pics from the December edition of ar.

 Kasumi will be the cover girl for the next issue of Voce which comes out next week, there's also two pics here from a new CM for Menicon.

 Will say it a few times with other selections but this was definitely someone who I wished was ranked higher. But that also means at least one higher than her would have to drop down but finishing 18th out of thousands of actresses or Idols is really saying something.
 Will be checking out 'I Am A Hero" soon, that film came out back in April and am looking forward to it. Have had the film for a while but had a backlog of dramas to go through, they're almost done so will be reviewing that movie soon. Probably won't be as good as "Biri Girl", highly recommend it if you haven't viewed it yet. At the bottom of the post have her new CM for Menicon but before them are some absolutely stunning pics of Kasumi, easy to see why she made the top twenty. She's another one who has never had a regular photobook, now that's a PB we're all wishing will happen.

Nogizaka46: 2016 member's cards #3- Mai Shiraishi

 Of course we'd all like a treat from Mai but for some reason last X-Mas she left me a trick....

.... oooops, better make sure that doesn't happen again as I'd much prefer to see a huge smile like these from Santa Mai this year!

 With all of the photobooks that have come out this last year wonder why there hasn't been one from Mai? She was the first member to have a PB and it sold very well, shortly after that she had a partial photobook but those came out about two years ago. She's always been the most popular member but her popularity level these days is beyond sky high, a new PB from her would no doubt be the biggest seller of all the Nogi books and all have sold rather well.
 Was worried there wouldn't be enough cards or at least compared to the first two posts for this series. Glad I was wrong on that thought as with 112 of them this is the biggest one to date and know all Mai fans will enjoy these pics immensely. Starting off with a few assorted cards, some for their singles, Summer Tour, New Years cards and the remainder go in order from January to November.