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Friday, December 30, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' #1....? part one

 Had no plans for how I was going to do this post, now that it's started still don't have any but there's one thing I do know which is this will be without a doubt be the largest post ever done here. As a matter of fact will have a bonus second post there are so many pics and think most may enjoy it.
 If you don't know her or haven't looked at the labels this year's #1 on the 'Top Twenty Faves List' is Saki from C-ute, bet most thought someone else from the group would have been in this spot. Most here probably know a bit about Saki but then again have a feeling many don't as C-ute posts don't attract nearly as many views as others here, especially compared to Nogi. Quite often I've referred to Saki as my ultimate guilty pleasure, not sure why I've used that term as one should never feel guilty about being into someone as terrific as Saki.
 Hopefully then by the end of this and the next post you'll know Saki a bit better and perhaps even become a fan. Hard not to become a fan of Saki as she's easily the most likable Idol around and is just so fun and interesting. Like a few others in the top ten Saki doesn't have a huge amount of posts here but that's not because she's not busy. Saki does do so many activities but they're not the kind of things that would interest people such as her being the host of the 'C-ute na Jiken' weekly radio show and she's been the host of that show for almost five years now.

 Saki will be turning 23 in February 5th, three members of C-ute celebrate their b-days within a three day stretch. Saki has been a member of Hello Project since she was eight(!), must hold the record for youngest H!P member ever. When C-ute announced their disbandment was a bit worried about what the future may hold for Saki but those worries went away as she does to many things outside the group though I wonder if things like the radio show will cease once the group does.
 Have so many pics and info in this post wasn't sure where to start. Just about every pic will be new though many will be older, they just hadn't been posted until today. One outside group activity Saki does is....

.... co-host the 'Bowling Revolution J League' show which airs on Saturdays. As you can tell by the title it's a bowling show and she's been the co-host since 2011. You can find so many of them on YT and they're worth checking out. Women bowlers compete against each other in a regular format but the best part is when they attempt trick shots or as they're called missions when a weird combo of pins is set up for them to knock down in one shot. Hopefully after C-ute disbands Saki will remain with the show and these are from last Saturday's show,

 Saki doesn't appear in many mags, can't think of the last time she had a solo spread. But modeling could be an option in the future and the website 'Heather Diary' thinks so do as Saki has done some work with them that just started in September.

 Don't know if acting is an option as besides a minor role in a 2015 drama Saki hasn't appeared in anything since 2013. But at the beginning of this decade she was in a few dramas and films with the best being "Zomvideo" that came out in 2012. That was a real entertaining film which was reviewed here earlier this year and the star of it is who most may have expected to be number one this year.

 Mentioned a lack of solo mag spreads or at least that's been the way for the last two years. However there are a few of them from years gone by that haven't been posted before with this one being from the April 2013 issue of UTB+ and it's promoting her "Nakasan" photobook.

 Also from 2013 is another smallish spread from the August issue of Entame.

 Last mag spread is form the April 2014 edition of UTB.

 That above set is for Saki's 2014 photobook "N20", the next post has the scans from it. The PB came out on Saki's 20th b-day, it was her fourth book but sadly her last one to date. Wonder with the group about to be no more next June that we'll see a new book next year, she turns 23 in February so that would be a prime time for her fifth and final one. Pics here are from a fan signing session that took place when the PB was released.

 Think there's a law here you can't have a C-ute post without any H!P cards so have plenty of them for today and none have been posted before. There X-Mas cards for this year but almost all were group ones and very few for the members so after the top one for this year have some from 2015.

  Also some New Years cards from 2016, will post the ones for 2017 when they're released.

 "The Future Departure" was the name of C-ute's 2015 Spring tour which are what these cards are for, could probably do a few posts catching up on all of Saki's older cards.

 I have at least ten C-ute concerts and watch at least one a week. The group is just so much fun in concert and sing all of their songs live which a lot of J-Pop groups are unable to do. There's a lot of concert DVD's that have come out over the years, one just was released yesterday and there's another one coming out in January 18th that has their Hong Kong and Taiwan shows that took place in May. When I watch those concerts the whole group looks A+ but my eyes always seem to zero in on Saki and it's easy to see why.

 Whew, hope we're getting close to the end as this must be the biggest post done for Saki on any site but she deserves to be in the spotlight so much more, bet there's over a hundred pics in this post. "Nakasan" was Saki's third photobook and it was released in February 2013 shortly after her 19th b-day, screenshots here are from the 'making of' video.

 Have watched dozens of the 'P League' shows and can't recall Saki ever bowling but she did attempt it on that video as you can see by the bottom pic. As mentioned the next post as the scans from her last PB "N20", screenshots here are from the 'making of' video and it's a shame they had to have the lettering on it.

 Finally at the end of this first post and hoping a few of you learned a bit more about Saki as she's also one underrated beauty who constantly makes my heart flutter....

.... er, no but a token of Saki's appreciation would make my day(life). Few fabulous pics to end off with and most are new for here, following them s a short promo video for her 2013 DVD "Bloom".