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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Airi Suzuki: 2013 magazine scans

 Been enjoying Airi in the Piece drama which I  really need to finish soon as it's been one of the better watches for the last year, however here we're not going to be talking about the show but instead have a couple really fine mag scans of hers, t start off these are from the February 20th issue of Young Gangan.

New issue of Big One Girls, it's volume 15.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tsubasa Honda: Onidine & FreesMart 2012 promo pics

 These aren't exactly magazine scans but they're some promo pics of Tsubasa's from last year, ones she looks quite super in, I'm finding most pics of her are super, to start off these are from FreesMart's Spring-Summer 2012 Collection.

 Tsubasa from Onidine's 2012 Kimono Fall Collection.

Ayame Gouriki: Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou episode 4 screenshots

 Series seems to have found a bit of a groove now, won't be my favorite from this season but it's one I'm really enjoying, once I figured out that it wasn't going to be any kind of earth shattering drama it's helped my enjoy that much more, stories have been serious but not overly so, just some really fine minor mysteries involving everyday people, to date would definitely recommend this drama, not sure how many more recaps I'll be doing but will be finishing the series, if you haven't started it yet it's highly suggested that you do.

 None of the recaps have been all that long, though an interesting and fun watch not all that much really happens in the episodes, quite a slower paced series with really just the main cast and a few guest stars in each episode. This time around Shioriko's (Ayame) fame has spread a bit as a woman whose father has just died has come into the bookshop and asked Shioriko for some help in finding a book that was stolen, the woman and her father had shared a mutual love together for this book. Wasn't an obscure nor expensive book but really had some sentimental attachments for the woman, the first suspects were her brother and sister who felt they hadn't gotten a fair share of their father's will, he had left them his business while everything else went to their sister. Prime suspect out of the two of them though was the other sister who didn't like books nor did she get along with her sister. To make this mini review very mini, don't like to give away too many spoilers or everything that happens in a show, the sister that was not a fan of books had a son who was, he was the one who had taken it, he was worried that the book was going to be sold, he too had an attachment with the book as it had drawn him and his grandfather a bit close. It was agreed on that the book would not be sold leaving everyone happy, even happier when it was discovered it was quite the obscure book, actually it was one of a kind and worth perhaps over a million yen, even with it being that much the family still held on to it to keep the memory of the father alive. Sure there were many minor details I've left out but found this to be the best show since the opening episode, really hope this drama continues along these lines as it's turned into a very solid and enjoyable watch.... as usual ending off with some shots of Ayame from the show.