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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Mariya Nagao: New 'Friday Digital' volume one photobook plus slightly more....


 If you're somewhat new here, say in the last year or so, you may not realize how popular Mariya was or hopefully still is! She had so many posts from mid 2017 to early 2020, those posts drew such a large amount of views and she was probably in the top five for most popular women here. But we all know what took place beginning in March 2020 and that really affected Mariya. Read an interview with her earlier this year where she admitted how the health crisis really dragged her down and for about a year she confessed to being a bit of a recluse. So in 2021 there was only two posts for Mariya and she used to average about eight but it appears things are getting close to normal for her. This is her third post in four months and wouldn't doubt if one or two more will be coming up very soon for as the heading says this is volume one of a photobook.

EDIT: Know I said there may not be any posts for today and now there's two! Wanted to hold off on this until Monday as I was planning on doing five posts for the first day of the month. But it's no big deal if there's only four and perhaps can create a fifth one tomorrow. Plus know that many here are Mariya fans so didn't make sense holding on to these alluring pics for two more days....

 While it's true Mariya's main claim to fame has been her overly sultry gravure spreads and books her acting career had been going well up until March 2020. I've seen her in a few dramas and to me she did a solid job, especially in the 2018 series "Koe Girl!". But in the last two years she's only done a few guest appearances in dramas though has a regular feature on the "Golf Kizuna" show and she is an avid golfer. First off are these IG pics she's posted since June, first ones are from some recent photo shoots. The bottom five are from Resexxy as Mariya does do some regular modeling too and it's nice to see her busy again, she also has some newish pics for the Reinest lingerie line. One is the third pic and will have more in her next post.

 Back on March 10th Mariya turned 28 in age and that's when most gravure models 'retire' from that kind of work. But not her who has become busy again and have noticed the ages of gravure models has been getting older or at least the ones I post about. Have one new mag spread for today which was promoting the book and is from the July 22nd issue of Friday.

 On to the digital book which was released on July 8th by the Friday magazine. There's 56 pics which is medium sized and that's why I added a few other things in. This is volume one so presume #2 will be coming out next month and perhaps we can have two Mariya posts for August.