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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mio Imada: Few recent smatterings....

 Don't too it all of the time but quite often do take the final day of the month off which is what will be happening tomorrow. What happens is when you do the first post of a month the following month's posts kind of get 'buried' or you can't see the list of them unless you click on that month. So like to have a post such as this one not be buried for a few days so will be back on Monday. Should be plenty of fine posts next week and on Monday will finally have that photobook post for a Nogi member. Also want to take tomorrow off as I just began the "Futatsu no Spica" drama which I've already viewed twice though the last time was about five years ago. Will be doing recaps for it in about ten days and it's one of the most underrated series there is.
 Haven't heard from Mio in about two months and think there's about 40+ new pics for today. But have been noticing in these posts the last few months is that the pics aren't truly 'new'. They are new in the sense we've never seen them before as what magazines and modeling sites have been doing is releasing their outtake or backup pics which can be considered new though they're not current new pics. Hope that makes sense and that's been the case with pics for almost every post I've done in the past two months.

 In about two weeks will be doing a pair of 'special posts' which get done every six months. One will be for what ten posts were the most viewed from December 1st until May 31st and I'm just going by what posts you viewers enjoyed the most. The other one will be for who the top ten most popular gals here are in that stretch of time, figure it out by what their average post gets for views. Don't think Mio's name will appear on either list though could be wrong. I really thought she would be immensely popular here when I introduced her 1 1/2 years ago, she is popular to an extent but so surprised that level isn't much higher.
 Haven't started on either list so perhaps she'll shock me and end up in the top ten for the most popular gal here. However in Japan Mio is certainly popular, there was a mini 'scandal' a viewer pointed out to me a while back but that was just a rumor from a non-reputable paper. "Last Shot" was the title of Mio's second photobook which came out in January, hope the title doesn't refer to her gravure pics. It's been a solid seller as to date it's sold 46,000 copies and was the sixth best selling PB for the first half of the year. The cover and some pics from it.

 On to some new modeling pics but as mentioned above they're not entirely new as the pics were probably taken four or more months ago. Mio over the years has done so much work for Kimono companies, these are new from the Ondine site.

 From the Uniqlo site and she also has a new CM for them which may be at the bottom of the post.

 The place Mio does so much modeling work for is GRL. Plenty of pics here from their site and there were so many for their Summer collection am saving some for her next post.

 Kind of miss Mio appearing at events as she was at so many of them and often looked tremendous. Can say that about a few other faves too and have no idea how long the ban on events will continue in Japan but have to figure it'll be at least a few more months. Have a trio of mag spreads for today with this first set being from the May issue of Jelly.

 Mio is popular but you don't see her as the cover girl all that often like she was above. These last two spreads also feature new yet old pics as what they are seem to be outtake pics from the photobook. This set is from the May 23rd edition of Weekly Gendai.

 Final Mio set is from the May 30th issue of Shukan Bunshun. There are two new CM's for Uniqlo, after the pics have one which already has 300,000 views in two days. At the end of July will have the first official preliminary list for this year's top twenty faves. Had a mini one at the beginning of April and on it Mio was 13th, last year she was ninth and she has a chance on moving up a few spots.