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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Misa Eto post' #13....

 Been wanting to do a Misa solo post for a few weeks now but there just hasn't been that many new things going on with her, can say that about some other popular members too. Not many different happenings for today but bet they total up to be well over fifty pics. Besides being one of Nogi's smarter members, along with their most stunning, Misa seems like a fun gal to have a few cocktails with and it actually seems she doesn't need anyone else to get into the spirit!

 Misa used to be one of the group's better bloggers but has slumped badly on her entries this year, these are some pics since June which isn't nearly enough.

 Been keeping up with Misa's mag appearances in the group posts so just one new for today. It's a fabulous set of pics thought from the September edition of Bijin Hyakka.

 Just one new pic at the Maquia site, Misa does monthly makeup column but they have very few pics. That second one is out of this world, we really need so many more pics of that pair!!!!

 Misa's second photobook and first as a Nogi member has sold extremely well. It's no longer in Oricon's top ten but think to date it's sold over 85,000 copies so let's pray that total means another one is in the works. Last solo post had some behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot, have even more of them here and think all are brand new.

 Wasn't kidding above when I said that Misa was one of the if not smartest member of Nogi. If her Idol career didn't work out bet she would have finished school and become some sort of business executive. She does have a certificate in bookkeeping and she got that from taking courses with the esteemed professor and CPA Sawa.
 The pair were at an event on August 29th for an app to study bookkeeping, it's an electronic version from a book that was recently released. There was a fan answer and question session with Misa who seems to have kept up to date with her studies. At the event there was a special lottery for the app, the winners get to hear her voice in the lessons. As usual there's no Nogi video for one of their events but do have a slew of captivating pics from the press conference.