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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Maki Horikita: With magazine scans and Mugiko-san to movie promo evnt pics and video

 Episode 3 of  Maki's current drama Miss Pilot should be subbed in the next day or so and will be back with recaps and screenshots from that and also for episode 2. Just two small items here, first off is Maki looking really superb in the December issue of With.

 Maki's current film "Ataru" has done real well, think it was in the top 10 at the box office for it's first 5 week. Maki has another movie coming out on December 21st called " Mugiko san to", here's some pics from a promo event for it on Monday along with a video from it.

Erika Toda: SPEC DVD promo event and new interview pics

 Not too many pics here but figured with the new SPEC movie coming out this Friday didn't want to wait until then to post these. First off is some of the best recent pics of Erika, these are from a new interview she did for Modelpress.

 They can get DVDs out real quick if they want to and they did with the SPEC Zero TV movie that aired last week, here's Erika with Ryo at a promo event today for it's release and also promoting Friday's film, was hoping for a video of it too but sadly haven't found one.

Masami Nagasawa: Toshi Densetsu no Onna 2 drama episode 3 recap and screenshots

Main Cast:

Masami Nagasawa as Tsukiko Otonashi
Junpei Mizobata as Hirota Katsuura
Naoto Takenaka as Icho Tannai
Hiroyuki Hirayama as Toshiya Shibayama
Sara Takatsuki as Ayano Hamanaka
Masato Ibu as Shigharu Take
Narumi Akizuki as Miyako Otonashi

 Tsukiko(Masami) is back in what probably is her fave day of the year, Friday the 13th! Everything she craves is there.... deep in the woods at a camp site where a murder has occurred, only thing missing is Jason!
 Tsukiko blames her police unit's car for breaking down in the middle of nowhere because it's Friday the 13th but of course all shook their heads at her. But to her 'joy' walking back looking for help they stumble upon a camp site where a murder had just happened. A small company was filming some scenes out there when in the middle of the night the director was killed, investigating the scene Tsukiko had but one answer and that the crime was committed by a witch!

 Many suspects as usual were fingered but the assistant director was taken away quickly by the other police that had arrived on the scene first but Tsukiko and surprisingly her team knew they had taken the wrong suspect. Tsukiko though continued on her witch hunt, one of these days her urban legend theories may come true but like every case since the first one she was on a wild goose chase but her clues did eventually lead to the right criminal. And in this case the culprit was an Idol manager who would do anything to get his client ahead but when he suspected her of having an affair with the director he took care of him. And to top it off he also suspected the producer of an affair with his idol and quickly snuffed him out too. However when Tsukiko is on the case you do not get away and through her clues and her nose(!) she fingered him as the killer but not before he almost took her life too but in an freakish way was saved by her adoring idolizer Katsuura.

 Best episode so far for this season, as I've said no episode has been a classic one but every show is always so interesting and enjoyable, if you haven't seen this season or the first one highly recommend watching them. As usual took way too many screenshots of Masami, said I wasn't but when she's on the screen it's hard not to so after this are two more posts with a mega amount of pics from this episode, plus they'll probably follow the story a bit better.

Masami Nagasawa: Toshi Densetsu no Onna drama episode 3 screenshots #1

 Not sure how many episodes this season is going to have, first had 9 shows but really hoping there will be more this time around. Another solid episode here which will be easier to explain with these screenshots, have another post after this with even more of Masami who without a doubt is the most attractive detective around!