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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mio Imada: Her intro post #1....

 Have introduced a few newbies lately which I said most should really enjoy, Mio here is a gal I know everyone should really get into. Have noticed her for the past year or so but didn't pay enough attention to her which is definitely my fault but on the plus side that means there's plenty of older things to post about her. Perhaps not in too many of today's pics but to me Mio really reminds me of Kasumi when she was 21 or so.

 Mio is an actress and haven't introduced enough of them the past few months, she's also a very popular model as she's an exclusive model for a couple of magazines. One new mag is ViVi who she hooked up with in July, few recent pics from their website.

 Another mag she's an exclusive model for is Ray, once again pics from a website.

 Mio will be turning 22 next March 5th, so many of my faves were born under the Pisces sign and it just occurred to me I forgot to do an Astrology post this month. Mio hails from Fukuoka, her height is a bit short for an actress/model as it's just 157 cm, most seem to be 163 and over. As mentioned she's a model for two mags and she represented them at the September 1st 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show which was held in Saitama, she's also a model for Non-no.

 Mio isn't like a lot of young actresses and models as she doesn't post many pics on her blog or Instagram site. Have a few here and know most know whose with her in the first pic.

 "Suits" is Mio's current drama which looks to be an okay show, these days I prefer waiting until a series is finished before it gets viewed. Her previous drama which began in April was titled "Boys Over Flowers 2", it's a remake of the drama that aired over a decade ago and was a very popular manga which I did read many volumes of and it's worth checking out. Have some interview pics she did for the show, first seven are from Hustle Press while the next five are from the TV Life site. The final thirteen pics are from a promo event for the drama one week before it began.

 You may have noticed in one blog pic that Mio was sitting at a table with many books in front of her. That's because she was signing them for an event that will be held this weekend as her first PB "Life Power" was released today. Will have a post for the event along with hopefully some new spreads promoting the photobook. This first set does have some outtake pics from the PB, it's a brand new spread from the November 12th issue of WPB.

 Mio does appear in many issues of WPB, have another spread from them here which is from their October 1st edition that features more outtakes from her first book.

 Mio seemed to take a break during the Summer as she had no mag spreads nor was at any events during the season. Have a pair of older sets then from earlier this year with this first one being from the May 24th Young Jump and once again she graced the cover.

 Final spread for today is the smallest at four pages and is from the June 15th issue of Friday. After the pics is a video of her new CM for Diya which has a long behind the scenes segment.