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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Minami Wachi: A slightly forgotten huge fave....


 Usually take off either the first or last day of a month off. This being the final day of March that would mean I'd be taking tomorrow off but up in the air about that. Kind of a slow stretch lately though there's still been quite a few posts, will still try to have something for tomorrow. That heading is correct as Minami has been a huge fave of mine for about three years but only had two posts for her last year. Back in 2019 she finished 14th on the yearly faves list and she just may be my current top gravure model. Realize it's hard not to notice certain features but I've always thought Minami has such an attractive face which sets her so far apart from other models.

 But Minami is much more than a dazzling gravure model as she may be one of the most intelligent women I post about. In 2018 she graduated from Meiji University and being a model helped pay for her final two years of school. She's been a freelance sports reporter, especially for soccer, has her own weekly segment on TV-Saitama GGR plus since last April has had her own radio show on MBS which airs Saturdays.

 Minami is also a fairly big fave of you viewers as every post she's had has been popular and it's a shame there hasn't been many the past year. There are a couple of mag spreads from 2020 you'll see today but most of them are way too small so have been holding on to them for a while but have seven(!) for you fans today. On April 24th Minami has her first trading card collection coming out and haven't seen a model have them for a while, some promo pics for it.

 Minami has a Line Blog and she does an excellent job at keeping it updated, all of these pics are from March entries.

 On to the spreads which total seven but they add up to be just 44 pics so obviously none are large which is why I've been holding on to them. Will go from oldest to newest and Minami was the cover girl for this first set that's from the July issue of Cyzo.

 That was a decent sized spread but way too many are only 3-4 pages. Up next is this set from the November 24th edition of Flash.

 Because of attending Meiji University Minami didn't appear in any magazines until late 2017. But the following two years she must have had at least 25 spreads though only three last year. But the other five spreads are all from 2021 so hope she keeps this pace up, first set for 2021 is this mini one from the February 1st Weekly Taishu.

 Back on January 7th Minami hit the age of 26 and so many of my faves celebrated birthdays the first two weeks of the year. Up next is this smallish set from the March 16th issue of Flash.

 Fifth spread for today is from the March 19th edition of Shukan Post.

 There's been five spreads in seven weeks and this set is from the March 23rd issue of SPA!.

 Minami was only the cover girl for the first spread but she's had that honor at least ten times in the past. Final set is from the April 12th edition of Weekly Taishu and with all of these recent spreads does that mean another photobook is on the way? Minami's first and only one came out in February 2019, posted the pics from it last July and what a popular post that was. Mentioned her first Trading Card collection will be coming out in April and following the pics is a short promo video for it's photo shoot, it's so sweltering which is was ten times longer.