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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Nashiko Momotsuki: Her new mouth watering Weekly Shonen spread plus a few more tidbits....


 Often take either the first or last day of a month off, undecided about tomorrow at this point. January had the fewest amount of posts since May and it was a struggle just to have 51 of them which was sixteen less than last January. But do have the makings of at least five posts so if I get a tad lucky perhaps there may be four posts for tomorrow. This isn't a large one but this new spread has 22 pics and didn't want to sit on them for too long. So worked on a few things and this will turn out to be a decent post which is actually easy to do when Nashiko is the main attraction. Though activities for most of my bigger faves have been lacking not for her as this is her second post for this month.

 Sigh, my dream is still to be reincarnated as a Neko.... especially if she's the owner, sigh....

 There's a good chance there will be another post for Nashiko in the next few weeks which should please her growing fan base. She and her troupe will be in the March issue of BLT plus she's become busier than ever this past year so perhaps there will be many other sweltering pics coming our way. Last post had a batch of pics from the Pivot Door site which I said should finish up all of their pics. But visited their site again and found a few that had never been posted before.

 Nashiko is also a model for the Bis site but there was only a few new pics at their site. Lately she's become a bit more conservative with her IG pics though the fourth one sent my heart racing, still wish she had her own blog.

 Nashiko released her first photobook on November 11th which was three days after her 25th birthday. It's still selling decently as two weeks ago it made another appearance in the top ten for sales. What I and many fans would like to see more of is Nashiko acting and how about her in a horror film? Did post pics from this event but have many different ones for today and it took place on September 14, 2018. On that date she was at the premiere of "The Nun Sister" movie which was part of a trilogy though sadly she wasn't in it nor have I been able to find the film.

 Wouldn't mind seeing Nashiko appear in a few more huge pictorials. Nashiko's first post ever was for her WPB-Net #221 set, that was back in 2018 and she hasn't done any huge collections in that vein since then. At the bottom of the post will have her new CM for Sakai Moving and she's appeared in at least five the past two years, second video has a behind the scenes segment.

 We've hit the end and Nashiko is one of those gals I can make a stupendous post for even when there aren't a huge amount of new things. Huge is what this final set is and she's the cover girl for the February 11th issue of Weekly Shonen Champion, bottom seven are bonus pics.