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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Nao Kanzaki: My top sixteen photobooks of all time, part one with positions sixteen to nine


 March began off so slow as far as posts go but the second half of the month was back to normal. Usually take the last day of a month off which is tomorrow, one reason is that when the month changes the previous month gets 'archived' so that that way the final post gets an extra day in the spotlight. But also want to let things pile up for two days as I'd rather have too many things to post about then instead of the struggle we had earlier in March. So this is the second list I've done for my top photobooks of all time, the first was done at then end of 2020. That's been the most most popular list post ever done and at the time said I would do an expanded version of the list which just had ten books but never got around to doing that.

 Part two is the next post which has the top eight positions. There were just two criteria's for this list, one is that the book had to be released at least a year ago or before April 2021. It's easy to get swayed when you see brand new pics from a book and figured a year meant did it pass the test of time? The other was that the book had to be posted here which wasn't a problem. There are some terrific books which I've never had so of course that means they hadn't been posted but think only one of them may have squeezed on the list. I have a feeling many of our fave books are very, very different. For instance just one Nogi member's photobook made the top sixteen and it may be someone you had never thought of. Of course that's Mai above but her huge selling "Passport" book from 2017 didn't make the cut. Hate to say it but I thought it was a tad overrated and think her "Memorial Graduation" book from October 2020 was much better. Also not making the cut was Erika's "Intermission" book, that's had well over ten thousand views yet it too wasn't among my top books!

 Right above is Miru and guess what.... her sweltering "Love Rush" book didn't make my top sixteen either! But not making the cut isn't a knock on any of the above three faves nor anyone else whose photobook didn't finish in the top sixteen. Not sure of the exact total but bet I've posted about 310 regular books so you can see what a chore that was whittling it down to just sixteen. There's probably been at least forty books whose posts have had over 10,000 views so those are the ones I figure are the faves of you viewers. However not one of them made my list but you will agree there's some really terrific books on this list, perhaps some have been forgotten about while some others you may have never seen before. Finishing in the 17th position was Yuki and it was so hard leaving her off, perhaps if there's a slow stretch in May will do a second list that features my next top sixteen books.

 Whew, how I wanted to fit in Mio's "Last Shot" book too but sadly it just wasn't possible. So if 300 books have been posted and the list features sixteen of them it means just one out over every nineteen books made the cut so you know these are truly dazzling in my eyes. So as is the case for all my posts the countdown will go from sixteen to one to keep the suspense up! For each position will have the title, the date it was released, how many views it's received, a link to the post(s) and also a few pics from the book, you can also leave a comment on what your top books of all time were.

#16.... Marie Iitoyo, her "No Gazpacho" book was released on January 5, 2018. To date it's had 2,956 views and here's the link to it: No Gazpacho

 Bet to most viewers this may seem like an odd choice but what an underrated book it is, off course her being my #1 of all time helped too! This came out on Marie's 20th birthday which was over four years ago, I think she looks so much better now so where's the second book? Recall reading an interview at the time where she didn't feel she had the body of a gravure model which is true but then again these are some top notch pics and so many on the list also aren't exactly overly bodacious.

 #15.... Saki Nakajima, her third photobook "N20" was released on February 5, 2014 and has had 2,480 views to date, the link to it: N20 photobook

 On the first list this book finished in the ninth position, it wasn't a reason of it falling but more of a case of others passing it. This sadly will be Saki's final book but least she left on a high note. Back in 2018 when the first 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list was done she finished in the top spot and how many people were shocked at that? Bet quite a few and will be doing the second list later on this year and these first two positions could also be the top two on that second list!!!!

#14.... Manami Hashimoto, her "In Hawaii" book was released on January 17, 2020 and to date has received 1,345 views, the link to the book: In Hawaii

 Here's a book that was so overlooked and don't know why as her other posts all drew a high amount of views. While Manami isn't my #1 gravure model will have to say she could have the best figure of any of them and at the time of this book's release was 35 in age! This will probably be her last book as she was married later on in 2020 and now has a child, she'll also be turning 38 this August.

#13.... Yui Kobayashi, her "Kanjo no Kozu" book was released on March 13, 2019 and to date has received 3,860 views, link to the book: Kanjo no Kozu

 I've always said that the Keya books are so much better than Nogi books. It's just that there's been so many more Nogi books plus they have sold better but think the tide is turning on that. Wonder if we'll ever see a second book from Yui and there's no Idol who I want to see have another book than her but hope we don't have to wait for a graduation. The photo shoot took place in London and had there been a few more gravure pics it just may have made the top five. That first pic isn't too far away from being my number one of all time, whewwww....

 #12.... Mizuki Fukumura, her "Makana" book was released on October 30, 2019 which was her 23rd birthday, to date is has 2,804 views, here's the link to it: Makana photobook

 Along with another person this is almost a 'Lifetime achievement' award. Mizuki has seven photobooks which are just so ultra alluring and couldn't go wrong with picking any of them but to me this was her best. She's extremely popular here so I'm shocked this post hasn't had twice as many views.

 #11.... Misa Eto, her "Hanashi wo Kikouka" book was released on April 25, 2017 and to date has received 8,014 views, here's the link to the superb book: Hanashi wo Kikouka

 The only Nogi book to make the top sixteen and it ended up being my second fave book from any '46' group member. I miss Misa who graduated three years ago and there will sadly never be another post for her as she's now married and does have a young baby, she turned 29 back in January. Sometimes Nogi books can go a little overboard with the amount of gravure pics and ones that make the members look too bodacious if that's possible, not this book though which actually could rank higher. That amount of views is impressive as only one other book on the list had more.

#10.... Risa Watanabe, her "Mikuchi" book was released on April 10, 2019 and to date the post has 4,547 views, here's the link to her first photobook: Mikuchi photobook

 Positions ten and eleven were just so close could have flipped a coin. So of the first seven spots only one book made the first list but seven of the top nine did make it. Risa is graduating from Keya though no date has been set, it'll probably be in mid May, That's when her second book will be coming out which is a graduation one and I may miss her more than any other Idol....

 #9.... Juri Takahashi, her "Aimai no Jibun" book was released on July 24, 2018 and has had 7,670 views to date, link to the book: Aimai no Jibun

 That total views really shocks me but in a pleasant way as what a alluring book this is. Speaking of missing Idols that's been the case for with Juri who was my top AKB member when she left the group in 2019 to become a K-Popper. She's still there and has been successful enough but you don't here much about her and she's had no posts since this one. On the first list this book finished in the sixth spot, really no reason for the drop and this is still a very impressive position.