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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Yuiri Murayama: Bet you thought there would never be....


 .... another AKB post!!!! You really wouldn't be wrong if you thought that as it's been close to two years since the last one but will have another post in two weeks for the group's oldest member. I will admit that from 2009-12 AKB was my top J-Pop group though SKE may have had better tunes. But like Nogi these days so many of my fave members began to graduate and by 2015 almost all of them were gone save for a small handful. Their music really suffered too after 2014 but still continued to view their dramas which I've always enjoyed and would like to see them start up again. This and that upcoming post won't be the start of an AKB revival but there still are a few members I like and when this blog started out a decade ago they were so important in getting things up and running.

 When this blog began AKB posts were far and away the most popular ones, wonder if they still have any fans left? Have to say I've guiltily liked Yuiri over the years and she did have a solo post back in 2019, wonder why I didn't do any more? So I'm planning on having more posts for her mag spreads from 2020 up until now which are about a dozen so there should be another two posts. Will have some other things in these posts too and will get more into AKB in those posts, this was truly a 'spur of the moment' post. In some really terrific news in September Yuiri will be releasing her first photobook, she may not be as bodacious as other Idols but I think she looks fabulous. Another plus in my book for her is that on June 15th Yuiri turned 25, think she's AKB's second or third oldest member(?).

 Few Instagram pics for birthday #25, of course Nana is in one pic and you'll see her in some spreads as the pair do so many of them together.

 But before Yuiri's first solo post she did have another spread here in a post for Juri who at the time was my top AKB member and she's someone I do miss.

 Before we get to the mags a few AKB group cards from last December to October.

 Yuiri is one of the few AKB members who has been appearing in many mag spreads over the last three years, there's a few from 2019 that may have been missed too. First off is this set from the May 2020 issue of Entame.

 Another spread from May 2020 as she shares the cover of Big One Girls with a pair of mates, as mentioned she does many spreads with Nana.

 The duo also were the cover girls for the May 2021 issue of Entame.

 Will end off with the best Yuiri set of the day which is a solo spread from the July 2021 edition of EX-Taishu. Unlike other AKB members there's very few videos for Yuiri's gravure spreads but will look harder for her next post. For her 25th birthday on June 25th there was a 'Showroom' episode dedicated to the occasion which you can view after the pics.