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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Erika Toda: "Scarlet" asadora tidbits....

 Whew, ten posts in 48 hours which is really stretching it for me, may need to take tomorrow off to recuperate. Then too need to finish writing up some drama recaps so there's plenty of posts for all to enjoy. "Scarlet" is the title of Erika's first asadora(morning drama), it begins tomorrow morning on NHK. I certainly will be checking it out but in all honesty not sure if I can watch 156 episodes which is the length of these series. Will be recapping some of it but not for a while as it usually takes a team 2-3 weeks to begin subbing it.
 Have never included Erika on my yearly faves list, gave her an automatic pass to the 'Nao Hall of Fame'. This is her 11th post this year which hasn't happened in a while so she's certainly been busy enough. But would have no clue where to place her on the list, top ten for sure but then again who knows which is why I've never wanted to include Erika on the yearly lists.

 There's been a lot of promoting for the "Scarlet" series and have many of those pics for today. Hoping that there will be a few more events for it coming up for another post. Up first is the only mag spread which is from the September 28th NHK Magazine.

 Plenty of pics out there from web interviews as Erika has been quite busy. Five pics each from the Crank and Real Sound sites though she was dressed the same for both of them.

 Erika has a film coming out on November 1st titled "The First Supper" so we should see her at a few events and whatnot for the movie.

 There's always a 'passing of the guard' ceremony for the lead actresses of the asadoras. Erika was at hers on September 17th but didn't include the pics of the other actress as I can't stand her.

 Today Erika was at an event in Koka City and their Shigaraki Kogen Railway. The series was mainly shot in Shiga which isn't that far away, they use old time railway cars in the show as it was set in the 1950's and 60's plus as you can see it's promoting the series.

 Like these pics the best which are from Septemebr 22nd as Erika threw out the first pitch at Koshien Stadium. The home team is the Hanshin Tigers and she comes from nearby Kobe. She didn't throw a strike but at least the throw made it to the catcher. Following the pics is an interesting promo video for the drama which has interviews and behind the scenes footage.