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Monday, October 31, 2016

Nogizaka46: A (lot of) little of this and that for 2016 #34....

 Once again Hinako is the hands down winner for having the best Halloween blog pics, she also won the award yesterday. Don't know if you remember these pics as they were posted a month ago but she was the only one to do a Halloween spread which appeared in the November issue of Zipper.

 Hmmm, uh, er, guess I could live with a bride like that if it was Hinako!

 Nine days until single #16 "Sayonara no Imi" is released, sure for the next few weeks the group will be appearing on every Japanese music show that exists. First time they performed the song was on NTV's 'Halloween Special' which aired last Friday. Tonight they did the song for the second time on the TBS 'Halloween Music Festival', unsure if Nanase shared some of my stale blood with them! At the bottom of the post is the video of their appearance on the show.

 Few more things so let's get right to them. We all know that Mai has looked so heavenly for years but haven't her 'angelic looks' gone to such an untouchable extreme? Well, second to Misa that is and here's an alluring set of pics from the November 14th issue of Young Magazine.

 Last few days have posted quite a few older Halloween cards, have some new ones here for October which are regular group ones that feature Nanami, Erika and Reika.

 Even more new cards and this trio consists of the M's: Mai, Misa and Miona.

 Was scrolling through the member's blog again tonight, they've been updating them much more lately. Just pulled out the pics related to Halloween, though she just has one solo pic Chiharu posted some really superb pics but except for that one they were all with other members.

Erika Toda: LEPSIM 10th anniversary celebration pics and videos

 The new 'Death Note' film finished at #1 this weekend at the box office which was to be expected. What I can't understand is why Erika wasn't at any of the premieres, she's such an important part of the film and was at the major screening it had the previous week. Thought perhaps Erika would be at one in Kobe or that region as she comes from there but sadly that wasn't the case. I'm at a total loss why that happened, Rina Kawaei didn't participate in the premiere(s) either and she has a big part in the movie.
 One way to get over that would be with ultra fabulous new Erika pics and that's what we have to today to ease your pain. Erika has started promoting LEPSIM products this year, they're a company for woman's fashion. On October 31st Erika was at the company's 10th anniversary celebration, it was also an event for their Autumn/Winter fashions and the video above is from the event.
 Erika has a new CM along with a mini movie for LEPSIM, you can view that after all of these pics from the event and also have included some screenshots from the video. Also at the event was the singer Ohashi who did the music for the mini movie, Erika looks too good to be true in that and also at the anniversary celebration.... wowowowowowowowowowowowow!!!!