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Friday, March 31, 2017

Ayaka Miyoshi: "Bakumatsu Gourmet Bushmeji!" drama press conference pics

 For the most part am caught up with the activities from the last few years for just about everyone I enjoy posting about. Ayaka is one of the exceptions as I've just started keeping closer tabs on her, she's already had about seven posts for 2017 happenings. Ayaka is now becoming a huge fave of mine so think it's time to post about some of missed happenings from the last two years and think there may be quite a few things.


 This event took place on December 20th, it was for the drama listed above. It aired on NHK-BS which is a premium channel which makes it hard to find shows like this one, don't recall ever seeing it around. The series was a lighthearted period drama that took place at the end of the Edo period. In the show Ayaka played two roles, Suzu and Oomatsu.
 The drama started on January 10th, it aired for eight episodes so has already ended. Will make a harder effort to find it as it looks like an interesting show, like most of the other cast members too. Not dressed as hotly as her photobook pics but Ayaka really looked ultra superb at the press conference, she could wear five parkas and still look dazzling to me. No video of the event but do have a fine one after the pics from a 2015 Onitsuka Tiger magazine photo shoot.

Nao Kanzaki: Missed birthdays from March....

 Been slowing way down on the birthday posts the last year, really only doing them for my ultra huge faves. Jurina is the only person I did a b-day post for this month but there are a few other long time faves who turned a year older and thought it's best not to forget them.
 March seemed to have less posts than most months and it did for a few reasons. One is that the posts are so much bigger, think I've been more into quality over quantity lately but even though there were about ten posts fewer than usual bet there was the same amount of pics and info. Also am fairly caught up with all of the 'oldies', when you've been posting about some faves for as long as I have there's very little things that have been missed, don't think there was one 'oldie' post for the  month. Kind of have gotten used to Juirna's new hair color, wonder if it's here to stay?

 Slacked off a bit with the posts for Korean actresses, I think they're almost as attractive and talented as their Japanese counterparts. Do watch way more Japanese dramas compared to Korean shows but do admit the latter's dramas are much better these days, would watch more if they weren't so long.
 And my fave actress could be Park Min-Young, close battle between her and two others. Not that it will get people jumping for joy but will start doing posts again in April for Korean actresses such as her. Min-Young's b-day was on March 4th, she's the closest as to me age and b-day wise of all the women I post about. Should have had a party with her then, she really seems like a fun gal and what a breathtaking woman she is, next post for a Korean actress will definitely(hopefully) feature her.

 Will have five missed birthday gals in this post and three of them are graduates of AKB. There's a good reason why I and thousands others are no longer huge fans of the group these days and that's because most of our faves have left.
 Next on the b-day list is Mariya who celebrated her 23rd on March 10th, always thought she was a bit older. She graduated last March but have been keeping up with her activities since then, her photobook that was released last March was one of the most viewed posts for 2016 and it's easy to see why as Mariya looks so fabulous.

 March 11th was Mariko's 31st b-day, I've been such a huge fan of her for such a long time. She graduated from AKB close to four years ago, at the time she left she held the record for being the oldest member at 27 but that mark has been beaten.
 One reason for not doing more b-day posts is because that individual hasn't been too busy, if they were then a post would have probably been done for them. Mariko has kept somewhat in the spotlight since she left AKB but her roles in dramas and films haven't been all that big. I really like her so hope we start hearing much more from her very soon line, think she's been the most down to earth gal of all the AKB members.

 On to my biggest fave of the five or should say at one time she was. That missed b-day woman is Kii Kitano who for so long was in my all time top five and to me she could be the most kawaii gal of all time. She really disappeared from the scene though a few years ago, she did five movies in the years 2013 and 2014, then just like that we've rarely seen her. What I thought was a big career mistake was being a co-host of the ZIP! show, she did that for two years but left it last September.
 The last regular drama Kii was in was titled "Tenshi wa Mop wo Motte" from 2013. It was only a four episode series but she had the lead role in it and it was an enjoyable watch. Finally though Kii will be in another drama which is starting at the end of April on WOWOW. Not too much info on it yet but will be following the news for it and hopefully that means we'll be seeing much more of Kii promoting the show. The first four pics are brand new and they're for the new drama with Kii just looks so amazing, wowowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!

 Final fave in this post is the third AKB member who is Haruka, she graduated last December. At the time she may have been my fave member, there's something about her which is just so appealing and I can't quite put my finger on it.
 Haruka is concentrating on acting and over the years she's had the lead role in a few horror films, sadly I can't find any that have been subbed. Haruka just finished up a drama but no news on any upcoming projects, also really liked her role as Salt in the 'Majisuka' dramas.
 Haruka had the center position for "Eien Pressure", the PV to that tune was my fave one from AKB, it's a really superb song. Sadly the PV for it is no longer on YT nor are there any good versions of the song, wonder if they still perform it now that she's no longer there? Mentioned that Haruka has had the lead in a few horror films, have the trailer for "Ghost Theater" from 2015 after these pics.